Being Cakravarti: nitharama pirivaraagena innavaa!

Raja Dekma, or ROYAL AUDIENCE ….. Photo Item in the Daily Mirror, 25 March 2012

 Pics by Pradeep Dilrukshana

President Mahinda Rajapaksa comments at photographs of world leaders captured in the years gone by. Is he reviving nostalgic memories? The picture was taken at the exhibition ‘Raja Dekma’ a complete portrayal of the President’s personal photographer Sudath Silva held at the Kotte Ananda Sasthralaya today.  

Web Editor: Studying the Daily Mirror pictures as well as those on the wall, I would say that just as a King draws homage, it is only royalty that can hob-nob with foreign nobility. For the reasoning which led to the imposed title, see Michael Roberts, “Mahinda Rajapaksa: Cakravarti Imagery and Populist Processes,” in this web site or, with different title, in Groundviews where a blog debate was sparked. Also see the short bibliography below.

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