Deustche Welle short list GROUNDVIEWS in the English blog category of its awards

We are pleased to announce that Groundviews is a finalist in the Best Blog in English category of the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards, called The Bobs. As notes,
“[The] jury members have surfed and sifted and finally pared down the 2,101 blogs, social media projects and social good campaigns you submitted to the BOBS to list of just 11 finalists per category.”
If you’re on Facebook or Twitter (only needed to register with the system), please consider voting for Groundviews here – And please pass the word around.
Our category features some excellent blogs, and the finalists in all the categories feature some of the most engaging content on the web today. I’m particularly pleased to see Mobile Active also included in the list of finalists. Katrin Verclas, through this site, has done a great deal to further the understanding and awareness of mobile phones in development, democracy, peace and security. Her site is a vital resource for anyone interested in how mobiles are changing our lives. 
Please vote and know that this, like every other award Groundviews has been listed for and won, is because of the content sent to us by those who give a damn about Sri Lanka, what we become after war and are willing to risk a great deal to express what they feel. Publishing and curating this content has been its own reward.
Sanjana Hattotuwa and Nigel Nugawela

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