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As webmaster I insert here tow of the programmes that are being actively implemented by the CAMC. For their work see the rudimentary site, One of the key figures in this work is Darshan Ambalavanar who has a Ph.D from Harvard University but prefers to pursue this empowering and uplifting work. It is my view that,  like the Colombo-Friend-in-Need Society and Candleaid (run by Dil and Elmo Jayawardena), the CACM is one of the charities that is worth supporting because of the dedication and honesty of its staff.

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The majority of youth, particularly rural youth do not proceed to higher levels of formal education and require programs that assist them with vocational training.  The CACM provides such training for young men and women.  The main institution for this is a Vocational Training Centre in Batticaloa which has over the last several years trained thousands of youth, including children from our homes, and hundreds of ex-combatants who have been brought to them for vocational training.  The training is provided in over a dozen fields, including: lathe, welding, carpentry, electrical wiring, air conditioning, Aluminium fabrication, computer hardware, and computer software teaching.

 The VTC would like as its next phase in development to provide loans to graduating students to help them start a small business, or purchase the tools of their trade.

Financial Needs: .

a) Scholarships: Rs.40, 000 per student per year.                                                     $ 400

b) Loans: Rs.50, 000 per student.                                                                                   $ 500

 c)  Wanni Work.  There is a need to start small, vocational training centres in the Wanni.

The start up costs for these range from Rs.1m – 3m depending on the particular trade to be taught.

How You Can Help:

a)      Provide scholarships for a particular number of students at the VTC.

b)      Provide  funds for loans for graduating students

c)      Provide funds for Wanni work.  There is a need for small and full fledged

VTC’s in the Wanni.

 d)      Technical Expertise:  People with technical expertise to visit and provide  ideas into developing the centre further, including affiliations and partnerships with overseas institutions.

 Contact: Darshan Ambalavanar, Manager Projects, CAC, 94-773434011 or in Sri Lanka 0773434011



 Education in Sri Lankan is officially free and universal.  Compared to many under developed countries Sri Lanka has achieved high levels of literacy.  However, the reality is that the system serves a limited per cent well.  The vast majority, particularly those from poor, rural communities suffer from poorly equipped, poorly equipped schools and often have to travel long distances to get to them.

Poor children often fall behind at the very first grades and never catch up. Their development is hindered by malnutrition, the poverty of their families, their families’ limited educational experience, poorly administered schools and limited access to pre-school education.  The CACM’s day care centres seek to address these needs by providing nutritional meals, pre-school learning, and by supporting them with after school programs once they leave the day care centre and start school.  Children aged 3-5 attend these centres, and they often enable working mothers to leave their children at the centre while they are at work.

 Locations:  The largest group of our centres are in the Wanni, then the Batticaloa district, Jaffna and one in the UpCountry region.  In the UpCountry our centre supports the children of estate workers — a community that is the backbone of the tea industry but which has long been one of the most neglected and exploited. 

Financial Needs:

a)  Operational costs per child, Rs.18, 000 per year.                             $180

                                                  Rs. 1,500 per month                                  $15

b)   Infrastructure.  Temporary Structures, Rs.150, 000.                        $1,500

                               Permanent Structures. Rs.1, 000,000                       $10,000

How You Can Help:  Support a whole centre, or units of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 children.   You can specify the particular region where you wish to support children.

Number of Children Needing Support: Wanni 500, Batticaloa 60, Jaffna 150, UpCountry 50, Trincomalee 30.

 Contact: Darshan Ambalavanar, Manager Projects, CACM, 94-773434011, or in Sri Lanka, 0773434011

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