Lakshman Wickremasinghe’s Allround Excellence at Royal College in 1944

Lam Seneviratne: Email Note to Michael Roberts, 12 November 2023

The recent articles by you and Rajiva Wijesinha in connection of the 40th death anniversary of Bishop Lakshman  Wickremasinghe are great tributes to him. They speak of him as a Priest, Chaplain and Bishop, his human qualities and how he lived his life as a true disciple of Jesus Christ, touching the lives of many.

While his adult life was so remarkable yet his life as a student at Royal College is not mentioned. I doubt even his nephew Rajiv has written or spoken about it. Lakshman and Rajiv went to two different schools, so he may not know and nor would Lakshman have ever spoken about his achievements as a student to him.
Lakshman Wickremasinghe’s all round record in school is phenomenal and perhaps second to none in the long history of Royal College. Just consider his achievements in the year 1944 alone:
Head Prefect
Editor of Magazine;
Athletics ….Vice-Captain;
Sergeant Cadet Battalion;
Rugby team;
Chairman Senior Literary Association;
Won 6 prizes in 1944 including Dornhorst Memorial Prize for General Merit;
University Scholarship

Rajiva Wijesinha: .

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