Video: A Summary History of Cricket in Ceylon & Sri Lanka, 1822-2022

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 Cricket Squad under Anura Tennekoon that toured England for the ICC ‘s ODI Competition in 1975 

Captain Arjuna Ranatunga & President Ana Punchihewawith 1996 ODI World Cup

A NOTE: given the vast sweep of time covered in this short review, it is hardly surprising that there are many omissions and gaps.  Plus marks to the compilers for referring to some important moments in 19th and early 20th century Ceylon.


Cricket lovers should use digital engines to search for writings by  SP Foenander, SS Perera, Ranjan Mellawa, Mahinda Wijesinghe ….. AND then, last but not least there is the Janashakthi Book of Cricket brought out in 1999 by Chandra & Prakash Schaffter of Janashakthi Insurance — a book that is a compendium incorporating SS Perera’s marvellous of collection of items on the history of cricket in our fair isle.

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Let me, now,  invite VISITORS to this presentation to pinpoint significant moments in the story of cricket in the island that this Video survey failed to mention.

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