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LAKE BEAUTY – A murder dissolves.

Here’s what readers have to say:

Justin La Brooy: “Lake Beauty is a novel based in rural Australia covering much of the first half of the last century.  It gives an exquisite glimpse into a time and place that has changed out of recognition, though one is left with a sense that the mind-sets and patterns of behaviour may be still with us…. The story grabs the attention of the reader from the beginning and maintains its interest as the plot develops…………………. A great read.”

Rod Becker: I couldn’t put the thing down. I was intrigued by the setting and the descriptions of the characters. But the plot quickly thickened and I think that became the attraction. The book had plenty of energy and you were never quite sure where it might take you. Just a great read. ”

Wilf Prest: “I read it in just a couple of long bursts and was only sorry to finish.  I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of country, machinery, buildings/structures, cars, trucks etc., and the domestic interactions of Sam, Annie and kids (as also between Sam and his constable) ……..  I did also wonder a bit about the level of moral degeneracy/all-round, and the general nastiness of male society in 1930s-40s rural SA. But then I’m an outsider………

Thanks again for a great yarn.”

Ralph Shlomwitz: Many thanks for sharing Lake Beauty with me and I hope many other readers. It is a rattling good story. And I loved its sense of place and time –such as using the bottom -drawer of a chest for a cot. It is thus a vivid social history of a country town. I also loved your turn of phrase—such as your use of repetition: the use of “past” on page 48.”‘

You have rhythm!

Wayne Anthony: I finished reading your book last night, having greatly enjoyed it. It is a right page-turner and there is some very elegant writing.

To buy go to: Lake Beauty: A murder dissolves. https://amzn.asia/d/aMjE35i…………………..Available as either a paperback or e-book.





ROB GEORGE 22  …..  Rob George was born on April 2, 1950 in Mannum, South Australia, Australia. He is a writer and producer, known for The Battle for Jericho (2019), Blue Heelers(1994) and The Dreaming(1988).

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