Meaningful Moments at the National War Memorial in Battaramulla, Colombo

Compiled by Gp Capt Kumar Kirinde, SLAF [retd] …. with his title being  “National War Memorial,Colombo and the National War Heroes Day Commemoration”








The National War Memorial in front of the Parliament complex at Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo is dedicated to all military personnel killed since World War I and police personal killed due to militancy. An annual ceremony to commemorate the velour and gallantry of War Heroes is held at the site on the Remembrance Day unique to Sri Lanka, which is 20th May. This day in 2009 the country’s civil war which went on for 26 years came to an end.

The National War Heroes’ Day

The National War Heroes’ Day Commemoration Ceremony is held to commemorate the war heroes who sacrificed their lives for the protection of the unity and territorial integrity of the country.

National War Heroes’ Day commemoration ceremony is held on 20th May each year at the National War Memorial, Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo under the patronage of HE the President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Parents and relatives of the fallen war heroes also paid floral tributes to the fallen heroes.

During this dignified and solemn ceremony, heroic War Heroes of the Army (23,962), Navy (1160), Air Force (443), together with 2598 Policemen and 456 Civil Security Department personnel, altogether a total of 28,619 who had made the supreme sacrifice in the fight against LTTE terrorism before May 2009 are respectfully remembered for their gallantry, invaluable sacrifices and selfless dedication. The parents and relatives of the fallen war heroes too pay floral tributes to their fallen sons and loved ones.








Daniel Kent’s 2008 thesis on  Shelter For You, Nirvana For Our Sons: Buddhist Belief and Practice in the Sri Lankan Army ….  which is available at ….


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