An Incisive Analysis of the US-NATO Involvement in the Ukraine

Scott Horton and Judge Napolitani in Revealing U-Tube Dialogue, May 2023



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Scott Horton has an amazing podcast… one of the best anti-war voices of our age.
Thanks Judge, I can’t believe how naive I was even ten years ago. I had to stop work with ill health and it was then I had the time to educate myself in the mendacity of the Western powers i.e. USA, UK, EU and NATO. Once your eyes have been opened you can never go back!
It’s a pleasure to see this gentleman back in your show
Extraordinary dialog by Judge Napolitano with critical questions on the origin of the Ukraine problem and Scott Horton valuable knowledge of the facts of U.S. intervention since the 1990’s. This conversation should be divulged as much as possible an answer to all who claim Russia was “unprovoked”. Scott coming book will be very important to read.

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  1. EMAIL COMMENT from Brian Victoria in Japana, April 202313 May 2023
    “”Thanks, Michael. I had already seen this video and, once again, was sickened/angered/frustrated/enraged by the same old actions the US neocons/deep state have long undertaken. And this is not to mention Robert Kennedy Jr.’s recent endorsement of the view that it was the CIA who assassinated JFK and his father!

    And with Australia now becoming the ever more faithful ‘poodle’ of the US, what’s left?

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