St. Anthony’s College, Kandy, in Aerial Sweep

An ‘Excursion’ by Victor Melder of Melbourne, our Doyen of Collectors & Bloggers

A NOTE from Michael Roberts, Feb 2023: My experiences of these grounds were largely through cricket matches, either as a player for Peradeniya University or as a spectator when the odd international match occurred at the cricket ground. One of the latter matches  that is partially logged in my memory is when I watched Duleep Mendis deploying deft footwork against the Indian spinner Venkatraghavan. 

However, the most indelible –and searing — memory is when Franklyn Burke, the paceman representing of St. Anthony’s, hit my right index finger and broke it. Anton Rambukpotha rushed me to hospital on his scooter. THe finger remains deformed albeit useful. Yes, indelible moment.

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  1. dickie bird

    Franklyn Burke was such a fine allrounder; powerfully built but unfortunately never caught the eye of the SL Selectors.

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