Mack & Tessa’s Glorious Cinematic Pictures of Sri Lanka Today

Two Weeks in Sri Lanka | A Recent Cinematic Travel Video: 

Have you ever been to… Sri Lanka? They say that travel broadens the mind, but I think that undersells it. Being trapped inside for 2 years made us appreciate the little things in life, But after our freedom was taken away, made us appreciate every single second of our journey. When you visit a country for the first time, you have to accept all the things that come with stepping outside your comfort zone. You can learn more about the world and yourself in one trip than anything online will teach you. From the outside world, this is a country in turmoil – with blackouts and riots and no fuel or food. and while it would be easy to accept that this is the only truth, the country that we experienced known as the teardrop in the sea was different. We were greeted not with sadness, but overwhelming happiness. The hospitality, the warmth, the smiles and the generosity that we were encountered along the way stole our hearts.

This is our story… of Sri Lanka… One thing we didn’t expect when visiting Sri Lanka, was quite how much nature we’d experience. And we’re not just talking about ones likes these elephants at Uda Walawe Nature Reserve. Whether it was chipmunks or monkeys at breakfast, or cows walking down the middle of the road, every day felt like a new interaction and a new surprise.

The last two years have been such a huge challenge, that when it comes to climbing towards a summit, the steps really feel much less significant than they did before. And I guess that’s an important lesson. The biggest challenge we’ve ever faced helped us to develop more passion, focus and drive to see the world, than we ever had before. The situation in Sri Lanka has gotten worse since we visited. And while it’s future is uncertain, if the people have anything to do with it, we can only expect it to return very soon to the beautiful, warm and welcoming country we were lucky enough to experience. For the rest of us, after two years of being trapped indoors, the time is finally here to start making some forward moves. And while the world might seem scary, our best lives are lived outside our comfort zones. So take the job, do ‘the thing’, book the flight, take the leap. Life is short… the world is waiting… Mack & Tessa If you enjoyed this video, then subscribe to our channel at the following link; ➡️…

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