Pastor Jeyaraj and His Missions within the Lankan Prisons

Sam Premaraja ……..

Dear Friends and Family, Pastor Sivarajasingham Jeyaraj was originally a communicant member of the JDCSI Tellippalai Church (1983-1987) and later at the JDCSI Colombo Church (1987-1991) while I served these churches as the Priest-in-Charge. He was equally involved both in our Churches’ ministries as well as that of Youth For Christ (YFC). He was gifted in theatrical skills, deeply committed to serve the most vulnerable, pursued theological studies at Colombo Theological Seminary in Nugegoda (CTS). He displayed Pastoral Leadership skills with a sound and practical theology in his ministries.

As he stated, he was in prison twice, and on each occasion he was able to share his skills  with his fellow prisoners and used this approach as a therapy to the inmates, gained recognition in dealing with inmates who came from variety of circumstances and crimes committed. After his release, he developed a very practical Prison Ministry on an official capacity, and elevated to the position he holds. He established meaningful relationships with Churches of different denominations, awareness buildings through personal contact, sharing of the Gospel supported by these kinds of social ministry. He is currently a sought-after leader to teach, preach and conduct seminars for pastors, volunteers, mission-minded Christians across the spectrum. His down-to-earth training has attracted the Seminaries in Sri Lanka, by offering a course taken for credit in their curriculum.

Yogi and I have been in constant touch with him and learning about the progress of his unique ministry with Lanka Prison Fellowship (LPF). On every occasion when we visited Sri Lanka, we made it a point to see him. We are very much impressed by his faith, commitment, learning acumen and practical approach to ministry in general and LPF in particular.

I commend this appeal “Angel Tree” for your kind consideration and prayerful support for this worthy and sacred cause, esp, under the current economic and political crises in Sri Lanka. I vouch for the best use of every cent given to the children from diverse backgrounds. He covers the Prisons in the whole of Sri Lanka with his band of paid workers and licensed volunteers. God will richly bless the Children with your generous donations and gifts!

In Christ’s ministry, Rev T S Premarajah ………….Trinity Close, 1/22 Camira Street, Malvern East 3145, Australia Email: ……….Tel: 61-418 396 612

Note: Swift Code: CCEYLKLX

Make it a point to let Jeyaraj know of your remittances.

This is important. Thanks for your assistance. God Bless.


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  1. Daya Wickramatunga.

    These are the people to be admired. They can breing about unity in Sri Lanka.

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