Errol Fernando’s Reading of the Day’s Play at Headingley

Errol Fernando to one “Gavin,” 25/26 June 2022

Predictions under the McCullum/Stokes alliance are totally impossible, Gavin.   England 55 for 6 chasing 329 and now 264 for 6  starting  all-important Day Three.  I was WAY off with my prediction in the previous Test.  Way off indeed, even by my standards.

However, I now have the perfect solution. I will make my usual prediction which I will keep to myself. I will then send you the OPPOSITE prediction  –  something completely absurd and ridiculous  –   and sure enough that is most likely to happen under McCullum/Stokes!  If I had done that in the previous Test I would have been hired by the bookmakers.

On another matter,  the New Zealand team are being completely ‘forgotten’ in this series.  All the talk is about Joe Root, Bairstow, Stokes   and everything ‘English’ even though Stokes was born in New Zealand.  I am extremely offended because I am a huge admirer of New Zealand and my favourite cricketer is Captain  Kane Williamson.  The stars of this series are Boult, Mitchell and Blundell but they barely get a mention. Let me say right now that New Zealand will win this match !

Let me also give you my Man of the Match even though there are 3 more days to go.  No, it is NOT the ball, the umpire or even the crowd.  In fact, it is none other than KUMAR SANGAKKARA ! Why?  Because of his outstanding  commentary. Also, his interview with Bairstow at stumps yesterday was quite superb. Kumar’s insights  are magnificent and the greatest compliment I can pay him is to say that he is almost as good as Michael Holding, by far my favourite.

All set for Day Three, Gavin, and looking forward to hearing Kumar.  Happy watching and all the best,


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Kumar Sangakkara was, and is, a Trinitian …. that is a product of that college on the hill in Kandy. So, too,  is Errol Fernando! Apart from a wide range of sportmen, TRINITY COLLEGE has nurtured classicists, painters (such as one Paynter), pianists (such as one Errol Fernando) and ….. and …

Requiem at Trinity College Chapel with Errol Fernando

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One response to “Errol Fernando’s Reading of the Day’s Play at Headingley

  1. Rex Olegasegarem

    It was an interesting read on Trinity College, Kandy. My father’s elder brother , Walter Olegasegarem was a distinguished product of the College in the 1910s, one of the first to win the coveted “Trinity Lion ” award for the “general ” section. He had an impressive academic record, led the debating team pitted against the Thomian team led by SWRD Bandaranaike. What impressed the well-known Trinity College Principal AG Fraser at that time was my Uncle’s performance in the famous “Route March” by selected students from the College from Kandy to Colombo (ending near the 80 Club). One of the contenders and fellow students was Richard Aluvihare (later, IGP). The students marching were followed by a Van to pick up any participants not faring well in the grueling march. My uncle was one of the very few not to be picked up by the van but also kept up the spirits of all the marchers by leading the singing of some of the favorite songs.
    Professor JLC Rodrigo (in Classics) was one of my Uncle’s classmates at Trinity College. JLC was our Warden at Ramanathan Hall in my first year at Peradeniya and he confirmed this episode involving my Uncle.
    You may recall Karen (Karunakaran) Breckenridge at the campus during our time. His father, RR Breckenridge was my Uncle’s classmate at Trinity College. He gifted my uncle the complete volume of Shakespeare’s plays.

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