Passionate Sri Lankan Fans awarded “MoM” Award

Errol Fernando, adjudicating from Melbourne, decided that the MAN of the MATCH Awad should be presented to the awesome, ……….. jolly, …….passionate Sri Lankan fans

From: Errol Fernando
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 10:08 PM
To: sunil perera <>
Subject: RE: 3rd ODI

Apart from giving my ‘Man of the Match’ to a batsman or bowler, Sunil, I have also over the years given it to the umpire, third umpire, groundsman, coach, selector or sports psychologist. Sometimes even to the player’s wife, the Woman of the Match. Recently, in the Lord’s Test, I gave it to the ball because it was the actual change of ball that enabled England to beat New Zealand.

Yesterday, in the series-deciding  game at Colombo there were contenders such as Asalanka who were more than worthy of MOM. However, my winners were  the spectators. They were wonderful   –   passionate, ecstatic, deliriously happy and an inspiration to the players.

Fantastic achievement from Sri Lanka to win the series.  Nice to finish with a 4-1 result tomorrow………………..All the best, …………………….. Errol


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  1. Chris Duff-Tytler

    Well done “Spinners” Mulilitheran prodigies now doing it on a World Stage Chris

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