Leonard Woolf in Pictures: New Finds

Michael Roberts

I have chanced upon several ‘new’ photographs of Woolf –some on his own and a few with his wife Virginia. I present them here as another ‘chapter’ in the Leonard Woolf series in Thuppahi. They are placed in rough chronological order on the basis of my readings of his age in each picture.  Repetition has been avoided –so they make up a supplement to the previous items on Woolf placed in Thuppahi this year.

One dimension of his life’s encounters is clear: he had an affinity with dogs. Dogs feature in several photographs and were certainly a ‘fixture’ at his home in the years after Virginia passed away.  He also hada dog with him when I interviewed him at his home, namely, “Monk’s House,  in Sussex as one event in the roberts Oral History Project in December 1965.**











** Michael Roberts: “The Roberts Oral History Project in the 1960s: Origins …. Outcomes,” 4 Decemebr 2020, https://thuppahis.com/2020/12/04/the-roberts-oral-history-project-in-the-1960s-origins-outcomes/#more-47446

**  “Michael Roberts Papers now at Barr Smith Library, Adelaide University,”  http://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/michael-roberts-papers-now-at-barr-smith-library-adelaide-university/


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  1. San de Silvs

    Fascinating as always, Michael!
    Thanks so much, Sir!

  2. Re Olegsegarem

    Thank you Michael. Very interesting of a person with great affinity towards Ceylon of that period.. Rex

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