Skin-Colour in Sri Lanka: The Prevalence of Pitch-Black? ….. with a warning from Thuppahi: have an antidote handy to cure the splitting of your sides


Lol , This is just another lunatic who always think about skin color than anything else…no wonder south asia always remain as 3rd world…Answer is ..Sri lankan majority is much much more lighter skinned than south indians…there are many pale and very light skinned people all over the country, as well very dark people like Africans are there…50% sri lankans are light tan and 30% are dark tan and 20% are dark…i mean very dark like south indians…between that 50% light skinned people there are very fair people like europeans too .. so don’t always dnt try to make pain in the ass about skin colour …it’s so funny when indians and Bangladeshis think they are white…they are also tan people lol

We are brown skinned south asians.

Sri lanka is a tropical island with a warm climate. Also I’m living in the hottest and driest zone in sri lanka (North central province). This is my natural skin without anyy treatment and how its colour appear different i… (more)

I think for the hot sun.

BUT actually that is wrong. Normally you cannot say that Srilankans have darker skin .Because there are many people have fairness skin.And actually they are so beautiful than some of south Asians.

And also I agree if takes majority srilankans are darker than south asians because srilanka is situated near to the equater. (Par)

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Are Sri Lankans considered African American people?
Why are Sri Lankan women so beautiful?
Why are average Sri lankans darker than average Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis?

This question was either asked by a troll looking to create fights between South Asians or someone who has never been to Sri Lanka.

In case you belong to the latter category, please visit the country and see for yourself how diverse the island is when it comes to skin colour. You’ll see a lot of people who are as light skinned as Kashmiris and Himachalis and some who are as dark as Africans. This spans all communities… I have seen really light-skinned Tamils from Jaffna (some may have European blood as the Dutch set up base there) and light-skinned Sinhalese who look more Portuguese than South

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Are Sri Lankans darker than rest of the South Asians?


I am an Indian who has worked with and interacted with different types of Sri Lankans. To be more specific different Sri Lankan ethnic groups.

So no, unfortunately you are incorrect.

Most groups of South Asians including most Sri Lankan ethnic groups have different skin tones.

You would find a Sinhalese, Tamil who are on the fairer side and the same ethnic group on the darker side.

Believe me – as a South Indian raised in Dubai I have interacted with them.

South Indians have historical interactions with them since several millenia.

In case yo

… (more]

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They cannot accept they are but they are! Answer to the question is because of their genetics/weather

here’s the proof:

And see this video of South Asians ………… The Sri Lankan’s were the darkest


… (more)

Srilankans actually have a wide range of skin tones and in all fairness honestly majority of the srilankan (Singhalese) are actually much whiter than Tamils,south Asians and India and others.

I think the person who has posted the question is making judgement based on cricketers they see on television screen!

Because of their weather and genetics. They have most australoid blood in South Asia. And they live in a very hot climate. A lot of Sri Lankan’s have taken offence to this question.

Not always. Most people in Tamil Nadu are darker, So pure Ex Indian Tamils now in Sri Lanka are dark, There are smaller percentage darker in Bengal, Bangladesh, Andra Pradesh, Telegna Maharastra Etc , Kerala People look same as Majority Sri Lankan

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I can’t talk for every one. What I feel is

  • More down to earth than us
  • More diverse multi cultured than us
  • More spiritual than us
  • Less literacy than us
  • Caste is more prevalent than us.
  • More patriotic than us
  • More religious than us
  • Most hate Pakistan. (We understand there are reasons for it)
  • Have more festivals than us (Holi for eg)
  • Have more vegetarians per capita (Great salute Indians)
  • Treat visitors well same as we do
  • Very similar to us in philosophies and giving random advices.
  • Typical Indian English is considered funnier than sri lankan English by westerners.
  • We clearly know Hindu is a religion and Hindi

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Pakistanis can be divided into 2 groups. Indo iranic and indo aryans.
Indo iranics are more fair than indo aryans e.g. sindhis and punjabis.

Sindhis r native to pakistan but not to india
Punjabis are on both side of the indopak border but if your anaylse the percentage of indian punjabis out of all indian people are roughly 3 to 4 percent. All this points out that only 3 perce t of indians have common with pakistanis and 97 percent of pakistanis dont share ethnicity with indians indians. On top punjabi people of pakistan are more diverse compared to indian punjabis for the fact that there are m

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Sher Jatt and more

Deep pigmentation is beautful and a gift from nature. May there be more media representation for the darkest South Asians. The time is overdo

Why Sri lankans hate India?

It’s not really hate but more like annoyance. Indians are usually overly arrogant and patriotic. It’s cool that you like your country but don’t wave your flag in my face, you know what I mean? We hate that a lot of people consider India to be the ONLY country in South Asia. There are a ton of countries in South Asia and yet people always assume India’s the only country in the continent smh

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Simple because of stereotypes most people in the west specially Arabs believe that all Pakistanis look like this because we are part of South Asia .

No doubt a fair percentage of Pakistanis do have the similar features but then again same cannot be said for the majority people are mostly arrogant who think this way moreover most Pakistanis in the Gulf are from south Pakistan due to close proximity that’s why people think of Pakistani people this way

Due to Pakistan’s geographical location you’ll find a variety in skin tone like south Pakistan(Sindh) is dark compared to rest of the country.

So you … (more)

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X-chromosomal STR based genetic polymorphisms and demographic history of Sri Lankan ethnicities and their relationship with global populations

X-chromosomal STR based genetic polymorphisms and demographic history of Sri Lankan ethnicities and their relationship with global populations – Scientific Reports
Polymorphism We typed 16 X-STR loci for 838 unrelated individuals of the Sri Lankan population covering the four major ethnicities (Supplementary Fig. S1 ). Complete DNA profiles were obtained for all male samples without any allele dropouts. Among the four ethnicities, the number of observed alleles varies from 4 to 25 across the 16 loci. When female samples were tested for the conformity to Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, no significant deviations were observed for any of the tested loci after adjusting for multiple comparisons (Bonferroni corrected P = 0.0031) (Supplementary Table S1 ). The exact test of population differentiation did not detect significant differences in allele distribution among the male and female samples and hence the allele frequencies were combined for both sexes for further analysis. The allele frequencies of the four ethnicities are displayed in Supplementary Tables S2 – S5 . The forensic parameters, expected heterozygosity (He), polymorphism information content (PIC), power of discrimination for males and females (PD m and PD f ), mean exclusion chance for trios and duos (MEC trio and MEC duo ) calculated for the 16 individual loci based on the allele frequency data (Supplementary Tables S6 – S13 ) indicated high values in general for all markers. Expected heterozygosity (He) values were above 0.6 for all X-STR markers in all four ethnicities, except for DXS7423 in the two Tamil ethnicities. PIC values of 14 of the studied markers were above 0.6 for all ethnicities, among which, eight showed values above 0.7. Among all the tested loci, DXS10135 showed the highest value for all forensic parameters, suggesting it to be the most informative marker for Sri Lankans, while DXS7423 showed the lowest and the least informative. These results indicate that the 16 X-STR markers are polymorphic enough for both the forensic and kinship analysis applications. Population differentiation among Sri Lankan ethnicities A locus-by-locus analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) was carried out including all 16 loci, grouping the four ethnicities based on their linguistic origins (Table 1 ) to understand the extent of genetic differentiation among them. Out of the four populations, Sinhalese are known to have an Indo-Aryan origin, which is different from the Dravidian linguistic origin of the other three ethnicities. However, a significant variation was not detected among the two linguistic groups (Fct = − 0.00059; P > 0.05) though a subtle, but statistically significant variation was detected among populations within groups (Fsc = 0.0018; P = 0.0108). The global AMOVA results as a weighted average over loci showed that most of the variance in the samples is attributable to within-individual variation (97.97%) and between ethnic group variation is around 0.18%. To better understand this observed population structure, pairwise comparisons (pairwise Fst analysis) were carried out among all four ethnicities (Table 2 ). According to the Fst values o

Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 12748 (2021) Cite this article

X-chromosomal STR based genetic polymorphisms and demographic history of Sri Lankan ethnicities and their relationship with global populations
14 tweeters 1 Wikipedia page This article is in the 87 th percentile (ranked 42,302 nd ) of the 335,577 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals and the 99 th percentile (ranked 1 st ) of the 5 tracked articles of a similar age in Scientific Reports View more on Altmetric Altmetric calculates a score based on the online attention an article receives. Each coloured thread in the circle represents a different type of online attention. The number in the centre is the Altmetric score. Social media and mainstream news media are the main sources that calculate the score. Reference managers such as Mendeley are also tracked but do not contribute to the score. Older articles often score higher because they have had more time to get noticed. To account for this, Altmetric has included the context data for other articles of a similar age.


A new 16 X-short tandem repeat (STR) multiplex PCR system has recently been developed for Sr Lankans, though its applicability in evolutionary genetics and forensic investigations has not been thoroughly assessed. In this study, 838 unrelated individuals covering all four … (more)

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Imagine Indonesia as a student enrolled in University of Southeast Asia.

Indonesia saw Malaysia walking around campus.

“Ugh, that guy again,” Indonesia mumbles.

Malaysia saw him. Indonesia waves, with a forced smile. Malaysia does exactly the same. Then Malaysia continues his walk, away from Indonesia.

They used to be extremely close during elementary school. But then something happened when they graduated. Malaysia went to a British high school while Indonesia went to a Dutch one. After that, it is safe to say they are no longer close friends.

But each secretly likes to remember the good old days

… (more}

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Simply put geography.

Having dark skin near equator protects one from skin cancer. Those in the temperate zones, it helps in vitamin D synthesis.

Surprisingly, those in the polar regions are dark skinned – from the reflection of solar radiation on snow and ice.

You may not know this. Color of the skin has nothing to do with intelligence, beauty, wit, sociability, loving, caring or hospitality.

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Sri Lankans is a nationality. A nationality doesn’t have colour.

The people on the picture are of ethnic Tamils who live in Northern and Central parts of Sri Lanka. Even the tamils are generally darker than Sinhalese, you would find that it differentiates from the social class, so don’t be surprised if you find Tamils who might be even paler than a British.

It would be slightly safely to assume that the major races are of below colour ranges based on observation. Please note that there are exceptions.

Sinhalese – Pale, Brown
Sri Lankan Tamil – Pale, Dark Brown
Sri Lankan Muslims – Pale, Light Bro

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Thanks for reading this answer. 🙂 😛


and this

(I photobomb sometimes)

🙂… (more)

First, I should say this is an outdated classification. And Sri Lankans don’t look like Europeans or people of the Caucasus mountains thus we are not Caucasians by European standards.

South Asians are basically a mix of the native hunter-gatherers (AASI), Indus valley people (Mix of AASI and Iranians/ Iranian hunter-gatherers), Aryans who migrated from the steppe, and additionally east/southeast Asian genes .

When it comes to Sri Lankans, they have exact same ancestry components

Probably closer to the following figure given below.

East Asian component is higher in Lankan Malays.

While AASI component… 

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During a cricket match, Yes!
Otherwise, No.

This wannabe Pakistani syndrome is a serious problem with Indians. Such questions being repeatedly asked by Indians is quite derogatory for the Indians themselves.

It seems like they continuously want to satisfy themselves by confirming the fact that they are related to Pakistan in some way, which, seemingly, gives them some kind of inner gratification.

A common Pakistani wouldn’t even think about calling himself or herself an Indian – and why should they? – whereas Indians keep trying to associate with us in one way or another.

We Pakistanis are the proud offspring of the Indus and Gandhara civi

… (more)

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Got some money?

I don’t think white girls are any different that the others.

I’ve seen a bit of the world and believe me, money counts.

Biologically women are looking for comfort and resources.

If you have the resources they want than your chances improve.

Of course, if you are extra handsome, tall and young then you may be able to dabble but long term it’s about the resources.

I’m Sri Lankan. Precisely Sri Lankan Tamil. I believe Ramayana is history and it happened in very old time (Treta Yuga ). I also think Ramayana might contain some exaggerations but the core history as i perceive. Because i have travelled in many places in india and places mentioned in the epic.

I consider Rama as a noble prince of Ayodhya (ancient kingdom). I also believe Ravana as a great king warrior excellent martial artist. But abducting wife of some one else’s wife is morally wrong and he paid the price.

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S Badri and more

Sri Lanka is filled with Gorgeous Women (North Indians say otherwise) so I’m going to show Beautiful Women from olden days to now.

Queen Rangammal

Kandyan Lady

Let’s move on to the 20th century

Maureen Hingert, miss Ceylon 1955 and first ever South Asian Woman to act in Hollywood movies.

Yolande Shahzadi Ahlip, Miss Sri Lanka 1970 and Grandaughter of T.B. Jayah.

Malini Fonseca, Sri Lankan actress and the Queen of Sinahlese cinema.

Angela Seneviratne, Sri Lankan actress.

Rosy Senanayake (née. Ramanayake) Former mrs World and Sri Lankan politician.

Shivani Vasagam, former miss Sri Lanka 1999 and supermodel

… (more)

It is funny that this question appeared on my feed today.

Just this morning I broke the lock or “kundi” to the bathroom door because *ahem ahem* it was an emergency and my sibling simply refused to come out.

I was surprised at my own strength. I am not bragging and this is a true story. I hope you got your answer :

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This is an American thing. In the UK, Indians and Pakistanis are actually considered “Asian”. When people say Asian they usually mean South Asians, and not necessarily people from Japan, Korea, China, etc. This is probably because South Asians are one of the biggest minority groups in the UK. In contrast, in the US, it’s reversed. The combined totals of people with origins in East Asia in the US is greater than from South Asia. Therefore, in places like CA, the term “Asian” usually refers to people from East Asia. However, I have not found that people don’t think South Asians are “Asian”. They

… (more

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Anonymous ………….. Answered Nov 21, 2018 · Upvoted by 

For some reason when I open up Quora I always see questions like…

Do Pakistanis look similar to Afghans,Arabs,Turkish, and Iranian?

Do Pakistanis look more Persian than Indians?

Are Pakistanis the white people of South Asia?

Why are Afghans and Iranians considered middle eastern but not Pakistanis?

Are Pakistanis Arab?

Are Pakistanis Afghan?

Are Pakistanis basically Persian?


But I rarely see Iranians, Afghans, Arabs or Turks etc… asking these questions. And It sounds very clear to me that only a Pakistani would ask this question!

These questions dont make any sense and the answers are very clear b

… (more)

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What race are South Asians from?

South Asians form more or less their own race. Ancient South Asians were a distinct group with no close relation to other races. Today West-Asian influence is higher.

Some speak about a “Australoid ancestry”…

South Asia has no Australoid ancestry at all. Modern genetic and anthropologic studies show not connection of the native South Asians to the Australoid populations.

According to various studies, the ancient South Asians had a distinct ancestry and were not closely related to any humans outside of the Indian subcontinent.

Craniometric studies on ancient South Asians and modern groups like Irul … (more)

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What are the biggest misconceptions among Pakistanis for Indian people?

Though Pakistan is a nation which belongs to the 21st century in it’s current existence; did not exist before 1947. But, Pakistan and India got independence in the year 1947 on 14th & 15th Aug respectively. The whole concept of dividing the single nation India in to 2 nations we framed by then Leader of Muslim League M.A. Jinnah.

British also did not want India as one large nation, kept supporting this theory and were even fueling the matter. After WW-II the British had to leave India as there was a significant revolt within the Royal Indian Army as Subash Chandra Bose was ready to attack the B


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Yes ..

We Sri Lankan peoples are considered brown people.

This is a recently I was privileged take picture of a beautiful little girl from my town by me. Although we have varying shades of brown she represent the average brown I guess.

… (more)

Most Sri Lankans are dark skinned. Living 5 degrees north of the Equator means we need our dark skins to protect against the fierce sunshine. That being said, there is an ethnic group called the Burghers, who are descended from the Portuguese, Dutch and British and this group generally tends to be fair skinned.

source : Burgher people – Wikipedia

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Based on the following topics I am going to explain how a typical Sri lankan differs from a typical Indian.

1. Cleanliness-Sri lankan is cleaner than the Indian. As a proof I can give that Colombo is the cleanest city of whole south asia. However Sri lanka is much cleaner than India.

2.Education-Sri lankan is more educated. As a proof I can give that the Sri lanka’s population has an adult literacy rate of 96.3%(2015), while it records south asia’s overall highest literacy rate. India’s adult literacy rate is just 74.04%(2015). And also Sri lanka records the highest mean years of schooling by any

… (more)

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Question: Who is brown? Are Arabs brown, and are Sri Lankans brown? What do you think qualify as brown by race countries?

Well, Arabs are mostly Caucasoids with Light Brown to Fair skin tones / complexions and they mostly inhabit in Middle East and North Africa. Sri Lankans are on the other hand basically South Asians and much more related to other Southern Asian ethnic groups such as Bengalis and Tamils than they are to Arabs and other Middle Eastern communities. Linguistically, Arabs are Afro-Asiatic speakers while Sri Lankans are mostly Indo-Aryan speakers (Sinhalese) and to a lesser extent … (more

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Anonymous ….. Answered Aug 14, 2017

Himachel Pradesh India


Rajasthan North India

Sindh Pakistan

Punjab India

There is a mixture of various gene infusions into Sri Lanka, from Indo-Aryans, Dravidian, Persian Aryans, Arabs, Europeans and Vedoid. All this has added beauty to the Sri Lankan female. She is polite, elegant and culturally rich and family oriented. She was deeply desired by many foreign visitors. All Sri Lankans should feel proud of Sri Lankan women. I am blessed to be born from the womb of a Sri Lankan woman. To me, my Sri Lankan mother was the most beautiful woman of all. When she passed away, I held a small Sri Lankan flag in my hand together with her photo and cried for days and took a v

… (more)

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Sri Lankan Tamils (Tamil: இலங்கை தமிழர், sinhala- ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය දමිළ) are a minority tamil (a dravidan language) speaking group native to sri lanka.

Maya arulpragsam (MIA) a famous rapper of Sri lankan Tamil origin.

They are a result of early trade and political relationships of southern India and Sri Lanka.

Some came here as traders, migrants, some came here as invaders. Especially during era of Tamil chola dynasty.

Tamil chola empire at It’s peak

Even though they migrated from south of India they have unique tamil dialect and some unique cultural similarities with Sinhalese majority of the island.

… (more)

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Let me speak the truth.

Truth is not one. We consider some thing as truth as what we perceive and conclude.

Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils hate each other’s political leaders. They hate each other’s ideologies and political stance.

But with in heart they don’t hate each other individually.

But both of these community has a hate for Muslim community and think they are not trust-able.

A Sri Lankan Tamil despite heavily hating Sinhala Buddhist ideology still respect Sinhalese and trust to do a business with them or willing to hire them. They would love to work under them. But when it come to muslim t

… (more)

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I am a sinhalese of srilanka and srilankans are quite similar to indian communities . Here are some physical traits compared to indians. Ethnic group and origin wise. Almost every Lankan can be considered as Caucasoid.


Sinhalese are majority of srilankans according to the legend of origin the north indians/indo aryans who settled here in srilanka in early ages. Genetic distance wise closest group to sinhalese are bengali people of eastern india. According to molecular anthropology 72% of our genetics are from bengalis 12% from Gujarati 15% from tamils of south india. Thus we should have

… (more)

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I think I am right person to answer this type of question. I am now living in Delhi, have visited many cities in India and on a trip also have visited Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and nearby tourist spots. According to me, or any Indian, who visits Sri Lanka, will come to know that Sri Lanka is the “COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL” of South Asia. And the credit goes to the Sri Lankan Government and its citizens.
According to geologists, the geography of India and Sri Lanka is same. Sri Lanka is considered just an extension of the India’s deccan plateau. It is even not an island, but it is connected to

… (more)

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I’m Pakistani, which is categorically South Asian.

I’ve literally had people start yelling at me for calling myself Asian, because, apparently, without having the typical East Asian phenotype, I can’t be Asian.

Let me show you something, that should answer your question.

That’s a map of Asia.

You’re not going to be calling me European, now are you?

I am actually Asian. Regardless of whether or not you think I “look” Asian. Your opinion doesn’t really matter here.

… (more)

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Even one of the first participants from the South Asian subcontinent to the Miss World pageant is a Sri Lankan Sinhalese lady,Manel ilangakoon and she won the 3rd runner up.

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To be honest, both Tamils and Sinhalese came from India. Nobody spawned magically in Sri Lanka as modern humans were originated from Africa and migrated around the world.

Establishing who came first is a controversial topic and I leave it out of this question.

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I don’t know for others but i personally like them. I’ve never been but the immigrants I met in London seemed fine people. Hardworking and law abiding and enjoyed their cricket and delicious curries. I hope to visit Siri Lanka one day.

We are relatives, there are srilankans /sinhalese who know that significant relationship between sinhalese and bengali people . The closest genetic group to sinhalese in indian subcontinent. Our history begins with settlers from west bengal according to mahavamsa.(prince vijaya/bijoy)

Bengalis were great nation with great history ,culture, people . Rabindranath tagore was a bengali poet who has even won the nobel prize for literature , Satyendra Nath Bose who was a bengali Physicist best known for his work on quantum mechanics. Satyajit Ray was a bengali filmmaker regarded as one of the greates

… (more)

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Let me explain.

India is a country formed very recently combining many kingdoms. Sri Lankans have numerous blood relationship with many Indian cultures such as Tamils, Bengalis, Orriyas, Keralaties etc

But that doesn’t mean Sri Lanka got civilisation from india. It just the collaborations, invasions, and migrations between ancient kingdoms located under today’s India and Sri lanka occurred.

Sri Lanka is always been part of greater India also known as akhanda bharata and we aren’t considered foreigners (Mleccha)

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As a Sri Lankan’s many don’t knows what is happening in Bangladesh and no news is highlighted in local medias. Majority knows Bangladesh about floods, garments and Sinhalese Prince Vijaya came from there. And 99% of Sri Lankans doesn’t know what is honour killing and why it ever happen. (Including myself) Probably some academics. And its not a practice in Sri Lanka no Buddhist, Hindus or Muslims do it in Sri lanka. Anyway as Sri Lankans we have the highest suicide rate in world.

Well sometimes. I’m from Sri Lanka and go to school in Germany. (10th) Especially teachers mistake me as an indian. And this is a big advantage for me :D. In maths they give me good marks because they think i’m indian :D. In grade 9 i tooked an IT cours.The teacher thought that i’m very smart.(Just because he thought i’m indIan) till 9 standart i’ve never been in contact with coding or never learned java,c, ect….

But sometimes It’s annoying. People ask me where i’m from and I answer with Sri Lanka. Sadly not many people have heard about this beautiful country. So i explain them that is a cou

… (more)

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These are some of the traits which others have not mentioned before:

· Good in hospitality. Unlike in many western countries Sri Lankans visit relatives, friends without an invitation and sometimes even without prior notice. Yet, they are warmly welcomed and treated in the best possible ways.

· Family is considered to be number one and maintains a close knit relationship even with extended families.

· Sexuality is not something spoken in public and specially among family.

· Not much skinship is involved when greeting. (No hugs and kisses in traditional settings)

· Very proud of the 2000+ year long … (more)

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Who is responsible for the Colombo serial blasts in Sri Lanka?

Here you go—spot the terrorist! He is the young man on the right, Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim, the son of Mohamed Ibrahim (centre), 2016.
Sri Lanka suicide bomber was wealthy businessman ‘brainwashed’ by his younger brother
Mohamed Ibrahim is the multi-millionaire founder of Ishana Exports, the largest spice company in Sri Lanka since 2006. His son studied aerospace engineering at Kingston University, London, in 2006; later posed as a postgraduate in Sydney.

Wretched and oppressed Inshaf was not.

See (above) the ruling-class giving awards to itself! See (below) a son of the ruling-class patting a poor

… (more)

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Anonymous .……………. Answered Nov 7, 2021
Are Sri Lankans Indian?

Yes, they are basically just Island Indians. Before the modern day Republic of India was created, India referred to the land inhabited by all Indic people. And the name “Indian” was historically used instead of “Desi/South Asian/Indic”. The only difference between Sri Lanka and Pakistan/Bangladesh is that Pakistan/Bangladesh were part of the British Raj. But just because Sri Lanka wasn’t part of the British Raj doesn’t mean its not Indian.

Below is the map of India before the creation of the Republic of India, Sri Lanka is included:

So the question is why is Sri Lanka included above and why was… (more)

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No. We are South Asians.

Sri Lanka is not a part of India. So we don’t qualify to be Indians. But like Indians, we are also a part of Asian continent, the Southernmost Asian country, in fact.

Genetically we are related to other Asians, especially various Indian human groups. The other answers here would tell you more on that.

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Most Sri Lankan fair attractive female celebrities are burghers who are descended from PortugueseDutch, British marrying local people.They are the one being famous models in Sri Lanka. They often compete best in beauty peasant completions and international screens thus people stereotype them as Sri Lankan girls .

They mostly tend to live in western province and in capital city Colombo. But remember they are just a few percentage in total people.

Jacquline Fernandez also a burgher. But we don’t know many others are burgers too. Some examples are below

Danielle de Niese:  Sri Lankan Burgher with … (more)

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  1. The largest South Asian ethnic group in Canada are the Indians, not the Sri Lankans. There are 1,374,710 ethnic Indians in Canada as opposed to 139,415 ethnic Sri Lankans. So there are a lot more ethnic Indians than ethnic Sri Lankans.
  2. The vast majority of Sri Lankans in Canada are Sri Lankan Tamils (a large minority community in Sri Lanka). There are so many Sri Lankans in Canada because they are Sri Lankan Tamils that are asylum seekers and/or supporters of the LTTE, had connections to the LTTE or were members of the LTTE. The LTTE was a militant organisation engaged in fighting a civil war w

… (more)

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Nayanthi De Silva

No, not at all

When Muslims are in trouble

At the moment there is a community clash between Muslims and Sinhalese in few districts. Now there are sentiments and voices for Muslims as Muslims are minority. And SL Tamils know about violence against minority more than them.

But typically although Muslims speak Tamil SL Tamils don’t naturally support them for many incidents that happened. In East Sri Lanka Muslims have done many atrocities to Tamils after they have appointed as Home guards. Whether knowing that in advance or not LTTE (the fighting force of SL Tamils) have evicted all

Tamil is a language and language is free from skin color. Tamils can be dark or light skinned, tall or short, or have curly, wavy or straight hair. Tamil is an identity for those use this language most and relate themselves to Tamil and Tamil culture.

There are only three pure races — negroid, caucasian or mongoloid. It is rare to see some with the qualities attributable to anyone race. People around the world are a mixture of all the three races in varying proportions.

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Who is darker, Sri Lankans or Bangladeshis?

What are your Parameters? Sample Size?

How many Bangladeshis have you examined or Sri Lankans?

I presume you need a Minimum 10,000 sample size to make such a remark right?

From the Limited Cricket Sample – I see no Color Difference whatsoever

I see a Group of People who range from Brown to Wheatish in Complexion.

Or did you mean ‘Darker’ as in Darker in the Heart ???

This Genial Old Lady is the PM of Bangladesh

The Terrifying man on her Right is the Sri Lankan Leader. He would terrify the living daylights of anyone who wasnt backed by 20 body guards.

So even by those Standards – Bangladeshis are certa

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The question is How do Sri Lankans interpret Ravana?

Such questions are meaningless. If you need an answer- they mostly don’t care.

Modern Sri Lankans are Sinhalese, of primarily Oriya and Bengali descent, who migrated to the island over the late Classical/ early Medieval period. The idea of them being associated in any way with the Ramayana’s events- purported to have taken place in the early Iron Age- don’t even arise at all. Until fairly recently, they worshipped ‘Hindu’ gods- including Sita, Lakshmi etc- but with the nonsense that has gone on in recent centuries with respect to Buddhism, the

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Why south asians are so obsessed with the skin tone? Can’t we just agree we all are brown after all? I think this is something those skin bleaching product ads put in our heads. ‘White is better, If you’re white you’ll find love, You’ll get hired, You’ll get promotions, You’ll get a BMW’ That’s what those ads put in our heads. Just be happy with your skin tone.

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Why are Sri Lankan women so beautiful?
Does the Sinhalese(and Sri Lankan) people belong to Caucasian group?
Do Mexicans have Sri Lankan ancestry?
Why do Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans look very similar?
Nationality: Do Sri Lankans hate being mistaken for Indian?
Are Sri Lankans genetically similar to Africans?
Why are average Sri lankans darker than average Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis?
If I’m Sri Lankan do I count as brown?
Why do Sri Lankans and South Indians look alike?
Are Sri Lankans dark?
What’s the definition of good looking in Sri Lanka or what physical features are considered beautiful or handsome for most Sri Lankans?
In which part of Sri Lanka do the most beautiful girls live?
What are the cultural differences between Sri Lanka and India?
What is the skin color of people from Sri Lanka?

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