Widespread Lies in the Australian Media on the Ukraine War

An Orcadian**

Herein one sees an example of the lines of disinformation on the war in Ukraine that is commonplace in the Western world. This is the Australian style disinformation published in The Age today [18 May 2022]  The headline reads “Siege of Mariupol ends as soldiers leave.”

The Ukrainian soldiers did not leave.  They all surrendered to Russian forces and are now POWs.  The word “leave” in this headline is used as a euphemism for “surrender”.
The purpose of this kind of disinformation is to make the disaster of Mariupol look like a great Ukrainian victory; and to continue feeding the false narrative that Ukraine is winning when in fact Ukraine is facing a catastrophic disaster.
Mariupol is now in Russian hands and in due course will be transferred to the new Republic. 
…. ………………………………………………….. and herewith the scenario of devastation in Mariupol marked by photographs in the Western press [clearly not concocted — because modern warfare is a devastating enterprise]
The proper noun “Orcadian” identifes a resident of the Orkney Islands lying to the north of Scotland. This writer is a well-informed international analyst from one of the islands beside Australia –one whose identity has to be protected.

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  1. An EMAIL COMMENT from a TENNIS BUDDIE, 18 May 2022:
    “Michael, it’s a widely recognised fact that truth is the first casualty of war.”

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