A Sri Lankan Arthur C. Clarke: Nigel Kerner

Michael Roberts

Arthur C. Clarke came out to Ceylon in the 1950s and went adventuring in the jungles and seas of the island with the Brit, Mike Wilson and a local Burgher named  Rodney Jonklaas. He took to the island and its peoples – aided no doubt by its easy-going lifestyle and the widespread scope for homosexual relations. He settled down in Colombo and became a member of the Otters Club where he could swim and indulge in table tennis. His commitment to the island was such that he deployed his international links to ensure that a satellite was placed in the skies to service Sri Lanka among its many capacities.


Little did we know that our island had produced a writer in the same genre as Arthur Clarke, one whose imagination enabled him to cast stories that were, so to speak, in the zany skies and bizarre extra-terrestrial world. This was Nigel Kerner, a fellow Aloysian of a younger vintage. I got to know Nigel well in the 1990s and 2000s and enjoyed his hospitality in Northampton as well as Dehiwela. But I was totally unaware of the international mark he had made with his, so to speak, extra-terrestrial reach. This arena was where, as I have now learnt, he matched Arthur C. Clarke.

Let me, therefore, introduce you to his books on the world of aliens in extra-terrestrial space: his Grey Aliens and Harvesting of Souls and Song of the Greys. With such work, he also harvested capital – which he invested not only in his manorial property named Niden Manor in Northampton but also in a large house tucked away in Dehiwela (a conscious decision to avoid Colombo 7) and, more vitally, in setting up a free medical facility in Maskeliya to assist the plantation labouring classes as well as other locals. These facilities had competent British personnel as key executives and doctors – all enabled via the links he secured in the 1980s within the government led by R. Premadasa.

Deploying guesswork, I note that Nigel’s crooning skills, his inventive books and his investments seem to have been the source of the wealth that enabled him to sustain the two households in Northampton and Dehiwela. Niden Manor was/is a substantial property with a swimming pool, indoor cricket nets, archery range, horses and their stables and a runway for his light plane* …. and umpteen bedrooms that could house many visitors. Visitors there regularly were…. and these included the Sri Lankan cricket team and the Holy Family choir competing one year at the MusicFest Aberystwyth.

Among the Sri Lankan institutions that have benefited from Nigel Kerner’s heart and his largesse are

  • The Sri Lankan cricket boards
  • The Foundation of Goodness at Seenigama run by Kushil Gunasekera
  • St. Aloysius, Galle and its Old Boy associations.

Nigel’s early departure from this our world is a stark tragedy …. a cruel, unkind blow from the deities of our realm. We can only sigh and convey our condolences to Denise and his progeny.



Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

  • Exposes the agenda behind the bio-robotic grey aliens’ genetic manipulation of certain human races.
  • Reveals the Grey’s nature as sophisticated self-aware machines created by a long vanished extra-terrestrial civilization.
  • Explains how their quest to capture human souls appears in the historical record from biblical times.
  • Explains how the phenomenon of racism is a by-product of their genetic tampering.

In 1997 Nigel Kerner first introduced the notion of aliens known as Greys coming to Earth, explaining that Greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long since outlived. In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.

Kerner explains that genetic manipulation by the Greys has occurred since biblical times and has led to numerous negative qualities that plague humanity, such as violence, greed, and maliciousness. Racism, he contends, was developed by the aliens to prevent their genetic experiments from being compromised by breeding with others outside their influence. Examining historical records, Kerner shows that Jesus, who represented an uncorrupted genetic line, warned his disciples about the threat posed by these alien interlopers, while Hitler, a pure product of this alien intelligence, waged genocide in an attempt to rid Earth of all those untouched by this genetic tampering. Despite the powerful grip the Greys have on humanity, Kerner says that all hope is not lost. Greys exist wholly in the material world, so if we follow the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma, aiming for enlightenment and rising above the material–a state the Greys are unable to reach–we can free ourselves from their grasp.

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A TESTIMONIAL from ALOYSIANS prsented during his lifetime

Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He was born in Sri Lanka, his mother from a British planting family and his father an officer in the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. This international family base provided the background for an obsessive and serious interest in international human affairs and how these interface with science, religion and philosophy.

He has felt driven, from his young years, to expose the humbug and hypocrisy in modern scientific and religious and social thinking. His formal graduate education is in biomedical science and human behavioural psychology.

His fascination with the puzzling and enigmatic phenomenon of UFOs resulted in his first book ‘The Song of the Greys’ published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997. This serious work on the subject is now noted world-wide for its radical view on the phenomenon. His latest book, ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls’ published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company is the second in a trilogy about the UFO phenomenon and its social repercussions on humanity. His books and numerous articles have established his unique thesis as part of the canon of serious literature on the subject.

Nigel Kerner lives with his wife and family on his estate in middle England. He has a passionate interest in projects on behalf of the deprived and disadvantaged of developing nations. He is at present working with his family and a team of European friends and volunteers on a medical and agro-development project done on behalf of the rural poor in a country in the Far East. This takes up much of his spare time.His hobbies include reading science literature and journals, wild-life videography, wildlife conservation activities, singing and song writing. His sporting passions are Cricket and Rugby Union.
 ………………..Courtesy- Nigel Kerner  official website – nigelkerner.com ) 

St. Aloysius’ College-Galle



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  1. Ranjan De Silva, an Aloysian schoolmate who is now resident in Canada, has sent me a short memo, which ends with this shot: “There is no need to keep on reminding of customs and practices which are very much dead and will never come to life again.”

  2. Patrick Rodrigo

    I knew Nigel in school in Galle in the late 50s and then met him a long time later when he invited my brother Carlyle to his home, he had a lot of respect for Carlyle mainly because of his cricketing ability and character, he was living in wellawatte and was involved in script writing for movies at this time.

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