Sri Lanka is Near Extinction

Chandrasena Maliyadde

Sri Lanka was a model economy at the time of gaining independence 75 years back. It was ahead of many of its peers and neighbours on many fronts. Today it has become an import-led, debt-ridden, faltering economy. It is far behind all its neighbours. Intellectuals have sought to explain the reasons behind this pathetic state. Maliyadde, who was in public service for nearly 50 years and spent most of his career in the Ministry of Planning and Plan Implementation, takes a view different to that pressed by the majority. His views are presented in an interview with HIGH TV.

….. Jamila Husain with Maliyadde & Indika Sakalasooriya


26 May 1999: Arjuna Ranatunga, the captain of Sri Lanka, looks on in despair as India score freely in The Cricket World Cup Match played at Taunton. Mandatory Credit: Julian Herbert/ALLSPORT


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