China as Ogre: USA’s Disinformation Campaign in Sri Lanka gathers Momentum

An Internationalist in the Anzac Realm** …………….has informed Thuppahi that “the US congress passed a bill last year that approved a half a billion US dollars to fund a global anti China media campaign which includes training hundreds of journalists to plant anti-china stories in every media outlet in every country the US can influence.   So we can expect such articles by the ton every 2 seconds.”

This Note was in response to Thuppahi’s Query about this item (one sent to me by a Lankan friend): viz

He added:  “The headline itself is classic disinformation. …. Consider also that the main premise “China isn’t going to help SL” may not be true, or is playing with truth and distorting it. We have to wait and see what new evidence comes to light.”

** This scholar speaks Chinese and is located in one of the ANZAC countries; and has to conceal his identity to protect himself and family from possible repercusions

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One response to “China as Ogre: USA’s Disinformation Campaign in Sri Lanka gathers Momentum

  1. Lakshman Gunasekara

    “I suspect that at least a few Lankans will take the (much needed) dollars and make a show at writing. That’s all Washington can hope for. How many Lankans will be swayed from their current position of impoverished apathy, if not hostile indignation, over the Ukraine crisis, remains to be seen. Already many are more resentful of the crippling (to the Third World, that is) sanctions than about the Russian operations inside Ukraine. Why, oh why, do Gods fail humanity so often? When President George Bush Sr launched the First Gulf War (telling fundamentalist Christian leaders that it was his way of spreading God’s Kingdom across the world), I recall subtitling my regular ‘Observations’ commentary column as ‘The end of Western Civilisation’. I hope that ending will not drag the whole of Humanity down a radioactive cesspool.” ….

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