JR Jayewardene Eviscerated by Rajiva

Rajiva Wijesinha’s New Book entitled “JR Jayewardene’s Racism, Cold War Posturing and the Indian Debacle “

This account of JR Jayewardene’s political life is a unique departure in Sri Lanka, for we have no tradition of analytical biography. This book tries to fill the void, by analysis of the first Executive President of Sri Lanka who ignored all principles in creating a constitution designed to perpetuate his power. The corrosive effect of ad hoc amendments, including to the electoral system, has not been thoroughly examined, but should be in view of the increasingly hopeless situation in which this country finds itself.


The book also examines the racist streak he displayed from the start, as well as his obsequiousness to more powerful countries. Unfortunately this led to adventurism with regard to India which forcefully cut him down to size. The effects of that intervention are with us still

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Rajiva Wijesinha:  J R Jayewardene’s Racism, Cold War Posturing and the Indian Debacle

 ISBN 978-624-00- 1387-1


Part 1 Establishing monolithic power

  1. An introduction to the political perspectives of J R Jayewardene
  2. Preventing pacts with Tamil parties
  3. A tailor made, and constantly re-made, constitution
  4. Having elections and ministers at whim
  5. The referendum

Part 2 A slow but relentless decline

  1. Alienating the Tamils
  2. The riots of July 1983
  3. The slide towards concessions
  4. Indian Interventions
  5. Indian involvement

Part 3 And the Fall

  1. The Indo-Lankan Accord
  2. The War between Indians and Tigers
  3. Elections and increasing violence
  4. A new President


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 Photo: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene sign the historic Indo-Sri Lanka accord in Colombo on July 29, 1987. File photo. Courtesy of The Hindu. …. THIS moment was an imposition not an ‘agreement’ as such


Shamindra Ferdinando: “Rajiva Wijesinha in Wide-Ranging Q and A with Ferdinando on Present & Past PoIitics,” July 2015,

Rajiva Wijesinha in Wide-Ranging Q and A with Ferdinando on Present & Past Politics


  Declining Sri Lanka: Terrorism and Ethnic Conlict, the Legacy of J.R. Jayewardene


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  1. JRJ the quarter Indian. By 1977 the Banda family was able to destroy the financiers of the UNP; nationalizing of emerging Sinhala businesses and land reform. The Indian colonists business congress financed the UNP in 1977 instead of SLFP and got control of the UNP. The rest is history.

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