Bandula Jayasekera: A Dedication from Newsline in March 2021

A tribute to the late Bandula Jayasekara – #NewslineSL – 05th March 2021 ….


A tribute to the late Bandula Jayasekara – #NewslineSL – 05th March 2021 Subscribe us: Watch more videos:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us via Twitter: Sri Lanka’s Number One News Provider. Web: Email: Telephone: +94 114792700 #SriLankaNews #lka #News1st #Cancer #BandulaJayasekara #RipBandulaJayasekara #FarazShauketaly

Sad to learn about the passing of Bandula Jayasekera.   I knew him briefly when he interviewed me on his TV show on Sunil Santha in 2019 and later we occasionally passed messages. He was surprised when I sang a Sunil Santha song live on TV which triggered a nice message from a SL airforce pilot who watched the show, which Bandula later shared with me. I found Bandula to be without prejudices – he treated all people fairly, but was never afraid to speak out against those he felt were going down the wrong path.

See 20.30 minutes into this TV tribute to him. He is being interviewed and saying Sri Lanka should not be ‘sucked’ into the US Indo Pacific strategy, and the US-China rivarly, and to not allow any foreign military footprint in SL.  

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