Where Cricketers outshine Politcoes …. In Every Field

Lakshman Kadirgamar

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let me see whether politics and cricket have anything in common. Both are games. Politicians and cricketers are superficially similar, and yet very different. Both groups are wooed by the cruel public who embrace them today and reject them tomorrow.

Cricketers work hard; politicians only pretend to do so. Cricketers are disciplined; discipline is a word unknown to most politicians in any language. Cricketers risk their own limbs in the heat of honourable play, politicians encourage others to risk their limbs in pursuit of fruitless causes while they remain secure in the safety of their pavilions. Cricketers deserve the rewards they get; the people get the politicians they deserve. Cricketers retire young; politicians go on for ever. Cricketers unite the country; politicians divide it. Cricketers accept the umpire’s verdict even if they disagree with it; politicians who disagree with an umpire usually get him transferred. Cricketers stick to their team through victory and defeat, politicians in a losing team cross over and join the winning team. Clearly, cricketers are the better breed.”

A NOTE : This  ‘record’ was retained by Dr Quintus de Zylwa of Kandy and Melbourne and was sent to be by Nigel Kerner of Galle, Colombo and Northampton.

Police at his house after he was assassinated on 12th August 2005 by a sniper in the Thalayasingham house next door when about to take a dip in his swimming pool. He was Foreign Minsister at that moment.

his service recognized …. and ….. rendered immortal in a stamp




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  1. Sanath Jayatilaka

    One of the finest men I have met, worked with, had the privilege of spending a whole evening with his at Nigel Hatch’s party; man who had an answer to all my questions. One of the biggest losses to this country, he loved so much

  2. EMAIL COMMENT from DAYA WICKREMATUNGA, 16 April 2021: “We are not likely to come across such qualified, honest politicians, who were truly interested in the welfare of the country as a whole.”

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