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Mayflower –Seachange, Anyone can do it! How to write and publish your book (even in a pandemic!)”

Join authors Tasmina Perry, Juliet Coombe & Holly Kellam to discover how to get that book written, published and made into a movie!

Everyone has a book in them. The number one question the author and publisher, Juliet Coombe, gets asked, is, “how did you do it?”

Featuring three different perspectives from internationally bestselling Sunday Times author Tamsina Perry, author of The Pool House and Friend of The Family, self publisher and author, Juliet Coombe, author of Mayflower A Seachange and Holly Kellam, who self published her book, The Heart Of The Butterfly, this webinar is designed to inspire and inform anyone who hopes to write a book.

Dawn Bebe, co-founder of Crowdfunder.co.uk, a writer and publisher herself, will talk to them about making your book idea a reality, including how to self publish using crowdfunding and its advantages over traditional publishing, new ways of marketing in a pandemic and being creative about reaching the marketplace using technology to reach the right audiences.

The webinar will feature interviews with each author, after which you can ask questions directly, with three writers on how they created, in lockdown, books that will be important in our futures and how to create a bestseller.

You can also ask questions about their books and buy them afterwards.

One hour webinar – March 28th Webinar Event with questions. Price £10 (or £30 – inc p&p – with the a first edition Mayflower book sent in advance to your home – retails at £25).

We hope to see you there!

Mayflower A Seachange Team



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