Addressing Diversity. Six Sri Lankan Scholars in ICES Webinair Lecture Series

A WEBINAR SERIES,  18 November to 9 December 2020
These six webinars explored the challenges that we face in learning about and engagingwith the past in multi-religious, multi-ethnic contexts. This webinar series was presented in collaboration with the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung…….
…. Herstory-History-Ourstory  ….. Click here to watch all the webinars, or on each topic to watch the individual webinars.


A: Historical Myths and Teaching History ….. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri talks about historical myths, the way history is taught, and how we can use inclusive myths to teach inclusive histories.

B: Doing History in Sigiriya: Multiple Perspectives  …. Jagath Weerasinghe discusses the many stories surrounding thearchaeological site, and talks about the different perspectives through which Sigiriya can be seen.

C: Presence of the Past ……………….  Sasanka Perera talks about the presence of the past in today’s contexts, and how the fragmented and incomplete past that manifests in the present leads to different ways of looking at both present and past.

D: Teaching Inclusive Histories in Divided Societies….. Natasha Karunaratne speaks about how history can be exclusive, and what has been done to address this exclusivity in the past, as well as what can bedone in the future in order to teach inclusive histories.

E:  A Journey of Bringing Up Young Historians in a Conflict Society: Experiences from Lebanon.………..  Nayla Khodr Hamadeh talks about the challenges of history education in conflict societies, and discusses methods and tools to build peaceful and inclusive societies.

F: Re/Presenting Past: Art as Method…………..Thamotharampillai Sanathanan speaks about the role of art in historiography, and how art andmemory intersect and enable awriting of difficult or contestedhistories.

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THESE PRESENTATIONS were delivered at at the ICES at Kynsey Terrace….An institution that will ALWAYS be associated with the peacemaker and mediator Neelan Tiruchelvam …..

….  a diligent seeker after a via media in the raging Sinhala-Tamil conflict in the last quarter of the 20th century who was cruelly cut down by an LTTE suicide assassin as he was coming to office one July day in 1999 ….. and THEN

after that site was marked by an evocative memorial painting ……..  guess what occurred a little later:  that memorial was defaced and desecrated


DBS Jeyaraj :

Michael Roberts:  “In Praise of Neelan’s Voice of Moderation at Moments of Political Extremism,” 29 July 2013,

In Praise of Neelan’s Voice of Moderation at Moments of Political Extremism

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