Amity transcending Faiths and Nationalities: At Haputale and Canberra

Somasiri Skandakumar in Haputale

Rev Rahula, who once headed the Khemba Buddhist Vihara in Canberra during my tenure as High Commissioner, honoured me with a visit to  Haputale accompanied by his superior who  heads thirteen temples in various parts of the Island !

Currently  attached to a place of worship in Kegalle, they did me the honour of having lunch at my home and chanted Pirith to bestow blessings on my home,  domestic staff and me. Respect for another ‘s Faith has its own magical divine blessing and We all felt that throughout their stay . May All Beings be Happy was Lord Buddha ‘s wish for mankind and indeed that’s what we all were last afternoon !
Four years ago to this very day, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe as a guest of State, in Canberra. That occasion,  the first official visit by a Sri Lankan Prime Minister to Australia, in more than sixty years, was toasted by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull before an unprecedented gathering of diplomats, dignitaries and cricketers, at Parliament House In Canberra.
PM Turnbull referred to the strength of our relationship as one one built on MUTUAL RESPECT and TRUST.
Is that not what we owe each other as Sri Lankans who have been blessed to be born in such a beautiful Country!
Let’s make GOD our special Valentine Today so ALL his children can be ours too !
Many blessings

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