Gamage canes Columbage for Ample Ignorance

Daya Gamage in Email Circular

I want to bring to your notice what Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary Colombage told the Daily Mirror to interviewer Kelum Bandara.

Here’s the quote in response to the QUESTION “How do you see the political change in the United States on this matter?”

“Right now, I don’t think any bearing on Sri Lanka. The US is not a member state of the UNHRC. It left the UNHRC calling it a cesspool of political bias. Yet, they influence through their proxies. I guess the US needs a lot of time to rebuild its image of America, to rebuild the democratic institutions, to bring back law and order and to battle Covid-19. I think they will be focusing on making corrections and things better for America.”

This guy is the Foreign Secretary and doesn’t seem to have monitored the new appointments made by President Biden to the State Department, appointment of senior advisors and appointments to the White House National Security Council. At least I identified four or five who have been given the task of human rights and South Asia responsibilities in the Biden administration who were very knowledgeable about Sri Lanka, who worked with Secretary Hilary Clinton to take Sri Lanka to the international tribunals (including the UNHRC) alleging war crimes. One person appointed to the US Department of Homeland Security  to handle human rights. In fact, it is under the Department of Homeland Security that the Bureau of War Crimes and Human Rights function.

This Foreign Minister who has absolutely no background on foreign affairs and international affairs is clearly not aware of changes in Washington that could affect Sri Lanka. Whither Sri Lanka.………………… EMAIL from Daya Gamage….. in USA

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