Overseeing Cricket: Galle Fort and Its Charm

International Cricket at Galle from the Fort ramparts 

Photo by David Colin-Thome and Dilmah Cricket Network

Photo by David Colin-Thome and Dilmah Cricket Network

A MEMO  from Michael Roberts. 15 January 2021

I was born and bred in the Fort. The ramparts were part of my beat in the 1940s and 1950s. Furthermore the sports field known as The Esplanade hosted cricket, soccer, hockey and athletics for the people and schoolboys of Galle. Moreover,  it served as the home playground for St. Aloysius, my school: so I was there every evening during term time. The photograph below is a classic because it depicts a cricket match in those halcyon days — all the more  it has  taken by the renowned cameraman Nihal Fernando. 

... and an unique B & White photo from the 1930s showing the Galle Esplanade and its Pavilion (used during cricket matches and the horse races on the Esplanade 

… and a View from the Cricket pavilion today




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