Pelosi and Political Howitzers Aiming at Impeaching Trump

Professor Laurence Tribe joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the path forward in a potential new impeachment trial of President Trump

Pelosi: What if Trump pardons terrorists who stormed Capitol?

  • Nancy Pelosi was re-elected to serve as House Speaker on January 3, 2021, the only woman to hold the position.
  • Since first running for office at age 47, Pelosi has managed to become the most powerful woman in Washington.
  • It’s been a long road, but with impressive fundraising skills and a political sixth sense, Pelosi has managed to break gender barriers and break her way into the notorious old boys’ club on Capitol Hill.
  • Here’s how Pelosi became the most powerful female politician in US history.

NB:  JULIAN CASTRO  on “Trump is inciting “RED MEAT” to attack “Brown immigrants”  ….


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One response to “Pelosi and Political Howitzers Aiming at Impeaching Trump

  1. Anoma Abeyewardene

    Thank you. I think octogenerian Nancy is a lady in a hurry. I am no Trump fan but the constant gush of vitriol he has faced for the past four years, makes that against earlier hate figures like FDR, LBJ, Nixon and Obama seem mild in comparison. With Rupert Murdoch being brought to heel by Jingping whom he literally can’t afford to defy, the New York Post seems to be one of the very few media outlets crying out in the partisan wilderness for objectivity. (Note the active suppression of their scoop on Hunter Biden by Face Book and Twitter whilst the rest of the media kept silent on a subject which, had it been about one of Trump’s children, would have been banner headline news).

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