How Joe Biden’s Win will Impact on Sri Lanka

Daya Gamage


බයිඩන් ජනපති පාලනය සිරි ලකට බලපාන්නේ කෙසේද?

This interview was given by me – Daya Gamage – describing the U.S. electoral process, how Trump, during these four years, handled foreign policy, gives an interpretation how a Biden-Harris administration in the U.S. handle foreign policy AND how it could – I said ‘Could’ – affect Sri Lanka with ongoing issues such as US militarization in the Indo-Pacific region; US-India military bonds; ACSA/SOFA/MCC connected to US militarization against China AND Sri Lanka’s dilemma OR what position Sri Lanka could take with all these issue.

THIS IS IN SINHALA  ……………  Listen to the 25-minute presentation HERE:




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Preview YouTube video Joe Biden දින්නොත් කොටි නැගිටියිද ?

Joe Biden දින්නොත් කොටි නැගිටියිද ?


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4 responses to “How Joe Biden’s Win will Impact on Sri Lanka

  1. Michael Patrick O'Leary

    Will the US rejoin the UNHRC? Will the US campaign against Sri Lanka be resumed? Will the new VP’s Tamil roots have any bearing?

  2. dickie bird

    Pending any Court cases, for all purpose, its announced Biden/Harris ticket of the Democrats have won the PE in USA securing 290 C/Votes.
    Mangala Samaraweera would have been smacking his lips & biding time for a Democrat win.

    Interest in SL began with John Kerry, heading the Foreign Relations Committee.
    Now, the Impact on Sri Lanka will depend on how Mangala and his cohorts Samantha Powers/Malanowski/Biswal and Atul Keshap & Co.act.
    We all observed their visits to SL / North & attitudes ect.,
    Also, Samantha Powers special visit to SL to celebrate Mangala’s 25 years in politics. Was it the purpose, we shall never know.
    Then, there is Resolution 30/1 in Geneva co-sponsored by Mangala sans any authority from Parliament & subsequently 34/1 on instructions of Noel Tittawela.
    Need to see whether the USA will go back to join the Geneva cesspit.
    If so next sessions in 2021 will be crucial.
    Anyway, GOSL will have to monitor Mangala’s every move as he is close to Hillary & JKerry as well.
    Will USA make peace with ICC too & permit them to investigate their atrocities in Afganistan ? How soon will they have to move out from Diego Gracia, which in turn pressure SL with the ACSA/SOFA/MCC.

    Mangala allegedly an avericious man, supposedly will not bat an eye lid to tighten screws for SL in exchange for an International appointment to serve the American interest.

    Need to have the fingers crossed in the interim……..
    In the alternative, what clout the Raja[akshes have to mitigate with American policy makers? Do they possess the right connections to Ms. Kamala Harris’s office through Californian Democrats???????
    Then, there is Milinda Moragoda. What impression he would have in the corridors of Washington DC to perform a balancing act???
    Unfortunately, the Rajapakshes have so far over looked Ms.Tamara Kunanayagam to an important position overseas.

    Hope our foreign policy personnel engage in a shrewd game of Chess.

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