Rupert Murdoch’s Misinformation Empire

An Aussie Dissident

Rupert Murdoch is the most dangerous man on the planet.  This Al Jazeera documentary gives us a few clues why, but it is also a wake up call about how journalism and the media have gone way off the track lost its way, and is largely responsible for creating the dysfunctional world we live in today. 

One example is Greg Sheridan of The Australian who wrote an astonishing piece of garbage recently saying Trump’s re-election would be best for Australia. Sheridan has a massive blind spot and his writings have become pure propaganda,  best placed in a trashcan. 
With a few exceptions,  most of the best journalists (who have not been sucked into the propaganda machine,  like Sheridan) operate outside the mainstream media. 
In just two days, over 140,000 Australians have signed a petition calling for a royal commission into the Murdoch media. In the time it takes to watch this film, another 5,000 people will have signed it.  None of the Murdoch newspapers have mentioned the petition or the massive support for the royal commission.  Why? 
Here, ex PM Malcolm Turnbull, a former Australian journalist and a Fox News presenter speaks out in this film about how dangerous Murdoch is for democracies.
We can also see how the Murdoch media waged a massive disinformation campaign against China over Covid-19, though the film fails to mention that Murdoch’s disinformation campaign went in tandem with the propaganda boys and girls operating deep inside the American and Australian governments. 
Turnbull says he was removed from the post of Australian PM by Murdoch.   If true, then it means democracy does not exist in Australia. Elections don’t matter because Rupert alone decides who leads this country and what policies are implemented.


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5 responses to “Rupert Murdoch’s Misinformation Empire

  1. Aussie Dissident

    As of 7pm tonight (13 Oct), the number of signatures for the royal commission into the Murdoch media has reached 201927. Yet as astonishing as this fact is, there has not been a single word of it reported in the Murdoch newspapers, probably because they don’t have a sound argument against the petition and its objectives. All Murdoch’s henchmen can do is launch pathetic ad-hominem attacks against Rudd and the over 200000 ordinary Australians who have signed the petition. The petition will close on 4 November and the two big questions are: Will this be the biggest petition ever submitted to the Australian Parliament? If so, will the government respond to the demands of the people and invoke this very worthy royal commission?

  2. David wei

    Murdoch’s News Limited does have a very large chunk of Australian Newspaper media and some radio stations. The only TV stations they own are Pay TV. Anyone can start a newspaper in Australia so people only buy the papers they are willing to pay for and those they want to read. If those newspapers contravene the laws of the country they can be and sometimes are I am unable to see any cogent reason why news Ltd should be prevented from printing its papers. Unless, of course, the writer wants to ban all newspapers politically right of centre.
    As for Rudd being ‘removed as PM by Murdoch,’ that defies logic. Murdoch newspapers openly backed Rudd against Howard in 2007. What removed Rudd from PM the first time was his erratic and totally unacceptable behaviour which resulted in his own ministers, led by Julia Gillard, removing him. The second time he was removed was by a large majority of the Australian people.
    Finally the comic statement that ‘ Elections don’t matter because Rupert alone decides who leads this country and what policies are implemented.’ says more about the writer than it does about Murdoch.

  3. Aussie Dissident

    The irony here is the Australian government are more fearful of Murdoch than of China. Australian federal politicans confidently beat their chests condemning China, but behave like a scared little mice when dealing with the Murdoch media.

  4. Aussie Dissident

    Wei misquoted my note above.  I did not say Kevin Rudd was removed from the PM post by Murdoch. I said Malcolm Turnbull was removed from the PM job by Murdoch, and that is not my opinion,  but a claim made by Turnbull himself 

    Turnbull’s claim is not ‘comical’ but raises very serious concerns about Murdoch’s control over Australia’s democracy.

  5. Aussie Dissident

    Good to see that today 12/11 the Australian parliament has announced a Senate Inquiry into media diversity in Australia after Keven Rudd’s petition of over half a million signatures was tabled in parliament. It is a good start.

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