Confronting Tamil Distortions: Webinar in Their Face Sunday 27th September

Global Webinar to Combat Baseless Propaganda of Tamil Tiger Agents

A group of Sri Lankan professionals have teamed-up for a two-hour Webinar on Sunday, 27 September at Sri Lanka time 7:30 in the evening which will go globally live for a presentation of cogent facts and data to combat the still-prevailing misinformation campaign undertaken by the former Tamil Tiger agents now operating within the Tamil Diaspora worldwide.

This virtual presentation in fact coincides with Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s reminder that when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September that “In spite of its elimination from the Sri Lankan soil, the international network of this terrorist outfit remains, pushing its ruthless ideology and influencing certain Capitals to spread its baseless lies and propaganda”.

Organized by a group of professionals in Ottawa, Canada led by Dr. Neville Hewage, a senior Policy Analyst of the Ontario Center for Policy Research, this professional move by those who are intimately aware of the global propaganda network and its strategy to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka as a genocidal state was undertaken to expose the elements within the Tamil Diaspora in Canada their misinformation and misrepresentation of facts contained in a parliamentary Bill 104 they have presented to the Canadian legislature.

The concerted effort by the Sri Lankans living in Canada, the United States and Malaysia grouped together  in this webinar to expose the fabrications of the elements of the Tamil Diaspora is to make the Canadian lawmakers and policymakers knowledgeable in keeping with President Rajapaksa’s message to the UN General Assembly that “We are hopeful that no State will tolerate activities of this international network which continues to espouse and propagate violent ideology under different guises and manifestations”.

The Canadian-US-Malaysian Sri Lankan professional group, in this two-hour presentation, will tell the Canadian authorities not to tolerate the activities of those who fabricate news to complicate the good relations that exist between the two countries.In giving the socio-economic factors in Sri Lanka, exposing the unfounded discrimination that the elements of the Tamil Diaspora is propagating and fabrication of a genocide they disseminate to tarnish the global image of Sri Lanka, this group of professionals, during this webinar, will fulfill what President declared at the UN General Assembly that “The global community must stand in solidarity with Sri Lanka, notwithstanding narrow domestic political compulsions, to counter terrorism”.

The Document presented to the Canadian Legislature as the Provincial Bill 104 by a group of pro-separatist activists within the Canadian Tamil Diaspora gives the background to the attempt to legitimize the claim that a Tamil Genocide happened in Sri Lanka, and attempt to create a Tamil Genocide Education Week, implicitly claiming a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka, and also making other serious allegations against Sri Lanka via municipal and provincial legislatures.

The group of Sri Lankan professionals in this two-hour webinar will address the diabolical falsehood the Bill 104 is claiming that 146,679 were killed in the final days of the Eelam War between the government military forces and the Tamil Tiger fighting cadre, starved the Jaffna Peninsula during the war, Tamil children were forcibly taken away from their homes and that Sri Lanka committed genocide against the minority Tamils.

The webinar activated at 10:00 AM in Canada – Sri Lanka time 7:30 PM on 27 September, the organizers want those interested in watching the 2-hour session to register at URL:–o7b8QJmKwg8ifEBuvw OR contact to get access.

The organizers says: We now inhabit a world where malicious actors such as LTTE Tamil Terrorists and their proxy propagandists try to manipulate our perception of reality to control our responses and attitudes. LTTE Tamil Terrorists use technologies such as ‘computational propaganda,’ ‘sock-puppet networks,’ ‘troll armies.’ They are capable of manipulating news, facts and also seamlessly maneuver audio and video; channel-4 documentaries are an example. LTTE Tamil Terrorist propagandists are making a living from creating fraudulent content for viral distribution on social platforms since it drives their fundraising campaigns.

The two Keynote Speakers of the five-member panel are Dr. Chandre Dharma-wardana from Canada and Daya Gamage from the United States.

Dr. Dharma-wardana who read for his Ph.D at Camabridge (UK); President of Vidyodaya University; National Research Council of Canada; engaged in various social science and development studies, which became part of his continuing academic interests; From 1976-1978 he worked as a Research Fellow at The University of Paris-Sorbonne and Orsay. In 1979 he joined the National Research Council of Canada and retired in 2014 but continues to work as an Emeritus researcher. He was a visiting faculty member of the University of California, Santa Barbara, the USA in 1989. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Daya Gamage, B.A. had a 25-year career (1970 through 1995) at the United States Department of State, foremost in his capacity as a Foreign Service National Political Specialist; worked at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka as an investigative analyst and political interpreter of the separatist Eelam war. He assisted Washington understand the ever-changing socio-political climate of Sri Lanka. His deep knowledge of socio-economic-political trajectory in Sri Lanka gave him an up-close understanding of disparities in the Sri Lankan society as a whole, the misinterpretations and diabolical misinformation of ‘ethnic issues’, and most importantly the manner in which the ‘Sri Lankan issues’ were used by the LTTE propagandists within the Tamil Diaspora in Western nations during the Eelam War IV and thereafter to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka.

The supportive panelists are

Dr. Isuri Dharmaratne, serving in the forte of the Deputy Director at the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP)  associated with the assembly of all activities relating to the Peace process between the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission in 2007-2009. She is currently the Academic Advisor for the PhD program, the Management and Science University, Malaysia, which is a Commonwealth University. She is also the Associate Dean of the Business School at BMS (Business Management School) in Sri Lanka, representing Leicester University UK, Edinburg Napier and Northumbria University-UK.

Hasaka Ratnamalala is a practicing Lawyer in Canada. A graduate from Sri Lanka Law College had his legal education in Faculty of Law at University of Manitoba. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka. He is currently a columnist to Lake House Sunday edition SILUMINA. In the year 1993 he along with three other Journalists managed to enter Jaffna peninsula at a time when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was controlling the Jaffna peninsula. He interviewed LTTE theoretician late Anton Balasingham and Political Leader Tamil Chelvam during tthe tour. He again went to Jaffna in 1995 during the peace talks between Sri Lankan government and LTTE to report the event. He has a remarkable knowledge on the LTTE and how it operates overseas in the diasporas.

Dr. Neville Hewage is the chief organizer of the webinar to combat the frabrications of the agents of Tamil Tigers in the Tamil Diaspora.  He is a senior policy analyst with Ontario Centre for Policy Research. He obtained Ph.D. from Laurentian University, Canada and an adjunct professor and Research fellow at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Law at Laurentian University. He is a managing editor for OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development. Dr. Hewage is involved in a wide variety of international development projects across the world. He continues his work with multi-stakeholders, including government agencies, for rehabilitating and repatriating of (Myanmar) Rohingya refugees. He is a conference co-chair for International Conference on Sustainable Development; a multi disciplinary forum discusses all issues related to human development organized by the Ontario International Development

Agency (OIDA).


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  1. EMAIL NOTE from SWR DE SAMARASINGHE in Washington re recent NOTE by GAMAGE, 25 SEPTEMBER 2020: “Reference Daya Gamage’s note to you the assertion “—– that’s why Washington never gave military equipment to Sri Lanka even during the JRJ era.” is not factually accurate. The medium endurance coastguard cutter SLNS Samudra was a US Coastguard cutter refurbished and refitted and donated to Sri Lanka in 2004. Of course that does not negate the conspiratorial designs that US had for Sri Lanka in 2008-09.”

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