Encountering and Experiencing ESCAT in August 2020

Michael Roberts

Apart from experiencing life in my old beats of Galle Fort when I sojourned there in late July-early August 2020, I took in the work at ECSAT. This was during an abnormal period when the handicapped personnel attending classes at the ECSAT centre in Wackwella, Galle, were miniscule because of the covid-pandemic and government regulations. My amateur photographs (some in other Thuppahi postings) will nevertheless provide readers with some sense of place, scale and personnel.

A teaching session (which happened to have as many teachers as students) displayed the practiced vigour and unison with which the teaching staff engaged the students with lessons via song. Elsewhere there were one-on-one teaching processes. I was particularly impressed by the totally engaged joy with which an autistic young man (a tinker by trade as I gathered) was pursuing his tasks at a table whenever I visited that arena.

For me it was a learning experience.

Let me introduce six of the lady teachers and office aides at ECSAT’s Galle centre (via their own summaries) together with Roshan Samarawickrama and append pictures of Roshan, wife Nipuni and their  two children at a dinner party I hosted for a motley crew of Gallilians that embraced old Aloysians, Mahindians, Richmondites and a wandering Swede named Lech Dulny…… Michael Roberts

 I am Lakshika De Silva, operations officer of the ECSAT since October 2019.  Earlier I worked as outsourced accountant position in ECSAT. I am following a Diploma Course in HRM. It is a new challenge to me working in another role. It is a greatpleasure to work at ECSAT. All the directors and staff members  continue to support my duties.

  I am Ayesha Ponnamperuma. I am working in ECSAT since 2013 as an Administrator. I followed a certificate course in HRM. I am doing very challengeable duty. I am so lucky to work with ECSAT team. I will try my best do my duties ultimately.

  I am Gayani Sugandika. I am working ECSAT Education Section as a Project Manager since 2006. I followed a diploma course in Sign Language. I would like to give my support to build childrens education, social and life skills.

  I am Piyumi Perera. I am working as a project coordinator of Vocational Projects in ECSAT. I followed the certificate course in Special Education and certificate course in Preschool. I am supporting to programme for the vocational training for vocational age trainees. I am so happy to give my ultimate support for these chirdren.

  I am Eshani Muditha. I am working as an assistant administrator. I followed the certificate course in HRM. I am so proud to joining with ECSAT. This is the first job of my life and I am working here very happily. I would like to convey my gratitude to those who gave me the opportunity to work at ECSAT.

  I am Kumari Kariyawasam.I am working as the project coordinator of Therapy Project. I have 20 years experience about physiotherapy.I followed the Diploma Course in Special Education.I give my therapeutic and sensory support for the Cerebral Palsy Children in Galle and Matara Centres.

****  ****

Nipuni Samerawickrema is on the left at the end of the table with daughter Sanuli next to her, while Roshan has daugher Padani  with him

Lech Dulny & Raja de Silva


Any Person wishing to donate monies for ECSAT’s charitable work can deposit their grant in this account

Account Name    :  ECSAT  

Bank                    : Commercial  Bank of Ceylon PLC

Account  Number   : 8110028043

Branch                  :    Galle Fort Branch

Bank bank code    : 7056

Bank branch code : 5

Swift Code            : CCEYLKLX  

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