Amplifying Antiquity within the Galle Fort with Imaginative Restoration

Smrti Daniel, in Sunday Times, 12 July 2020, with this title “Fortifying Galle Fort. A massive project aims to restore the defence works from our colonial past”

As restrictions around the pandemic eased this month, a team of workers returned to Galle Fort. They are in the middle of a two-year restoration project that has them clambering over the great bastions, excavating echoing underground chambers and clearing out an ancient drainage system – all part of an ambitious effort to restore this UNESCO World Heritage Site to its full glory.

Conservation of the gun platforms of the Neptune Bastion


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4 responses to “Amplifying Antiquity within the Galle Fort with Imaginative Restoration

  1. Cassim Rahuman

    Hope they will rebuild a replica of the wooden structure of the original lighthouse

  2. BRIEF COMMENTS sent to Michael Roberts by EMAIL:
    * “Wow! Great article. Posted on my fb page” BRIAN DE SILVA in Colombo
    * “To me the Galle Fort is second only to Sigiriya in terms of SL splendour.
    It is similar to the old city of Jerusalem.” –EARDLEY LIEVERSZ from Sydney, 19 July 2020

  3. ISMETH RAHEEM’s EMAIL NOTE in response to the Gerald PEIRIS QUERY re composition of the walls, 22 July 2020: “The age old recipes was crushed lime , from coral and sea shells and other lesser ingredients.
    The Romans who invented concrete would span huge structures liuke the Panthoes and Aquiducts some 120 feet high arches all using basic material

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