Zoom-Boom: US Cyber Warfare vs China via Allegations re Zoom

VISIT this You Tube video on ZOOM entitled “Is China Spying? on Us?. Shocking Details in This Video.” …. c602c1a3-8f92-4b61-b4ea-f63b8c01315a

Because the speaker’s voice is that of an (Asian) Indian albeit one with traces of an American background, my suspicions were immediately aroused: was this not cunning US media warfare? So I sent it on toe an Aussie who speaks Chinese and Malaysian for critical readings (below). This does not mean that China does not indulge in subterranean political games, but that US agencies are masters at war games and covert games; while the US Pacific Fleet has ringed east Asia with an array of armed bases ever since 1945; and that in the present world order India is on its side because of recent spats with China.

Note map and details in …… Jenny Awford: US readies for war with China with 400 bases of ships and nukes to create ‘perfect noose’ around superpower rival,” 5 Dec 2016, https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2331190/us-readies-for-war-with-china-with-400-bases-of-ships-and-nukes-to-create-perfect-noose-around-superpower-rival/

Fair Dinkum’s Acid Reading of this You Tube Presentation, 12 July 2020

The massive frenzied ideological propaganda war currently being waged against China is politically motivated. It has no basis in truth and logicThis is the most sophisticated propaganda war of our time traversing across governments and the media, characterised by one allegation after another without evidence or substance.

There are many super-wealthy people in the US who have made billions out of the pandemic this year which is documented in credible sources.  There are speculators the world over looking to make money out of changing circumstances.  It’s the human condition. Thus, in the video, reverse “US” with “China” so it reads: Is the US spying on China?
At a time when the world should work together to combat a serious pandemic and to plan for economic recovery, our leaders have opted for the path of confrontation, fragmentation and global dysfunctionalism.  This propaganda video is just another cog in this on-going propaganda war.
In this current witch hunt climate, any positive statements about China are deemed treacherous. Even praising China for its response to the coronavirus is regarded as a threat to Australia’s national security. If you want to be seen as a true Australian patriot then you must conform and join the Blob by criticising China.  Even the Pope is being bullied for not criticising China. I can’t be bothered with propaganda dressed up as news.  This video is classic propaganda.
This is not about supporting China or criticising it, but about truth, logic and stopping ideological-driven propaganda. 
The collective ignorance of people, the media and governments pushing this type of garbage to further individual agendas at the expense of truth, reason and logic is the greatest disease of our time.
ADDITIONAL NOTE from Fair Dinkum
Source is from Base Nation  by David Vine

DAVID VINE – The official website for writer and professor David Vine
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