Galle Fort Today: Janaka Gallangoda’s Marvellous Lens

Entering the Fort –  Original Entrance with the VOC Plaque **

the entrance from inside with one of the majority Muslim Moor peoples within underlining its present melange and ambience

a typical Dutch-style front verandah

the Galle Public Library where one Norah Roberts ruled the roost at one stage in the 1950s-90s

** It was my good fortune to meet Dr Janaka Gallangoda when he was on an educational stint at Flinders University in Adelaide. He is among the handful of excellent wild life and landscape photographers that Sri Lanka is fortunate to have in its generational ranks. The personnel attracted to Galle Fort must thank him for deploying his eye and hands towards the evocation of its charms.

ALSO NOTE this reference from IVAN AMARASINGHE in UK: …..

Dear Michael, ……………Thanks for the video on the Dutch Burghers. Splendid stuff. Hope they all come back for good. I thought you may be interested in this which is quite informative:

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