Amateur Excursions in and around Galle Fort in Recent Times

Michael Roberts and his “box camera” venture into his old domain

Slick Roof Renovation Work on a Typical House captured in 2008 …. tiles thrown up to a “Catcher’ on Roof  and Then ….

the Galle Court complex of yesteryear … also the site of the opening ceremony of the G-Lit-Fest in 2008

The Judges Bungalow where my sister Audrey was born in the mid 1930s … now a military garrison

Our hide and seek playground in the western arenas

looking south at Boy’s Bathing Place from the dungeon area

another scene from the western sea wall …. a terrain below the ramparts and along the ramparts where we wandered and explored..

the shores on the eastern side facing the little harbour … in the calm season

looking north from the southwest bastion ….and then east towards the lighthouse …. agicala renas and playgrounds    

******   ******

Opening Scenes Galle Literary Festival 2008


ALSO NOTE this reference from IVAN AMARASINGHE in UK: ….. Dear Michael, ……………Thanks for the video on the Dutch Burghers. Splendid stuff. Hope they all come back for good. I thought you may be interested in this which is quite informative:

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  1. Lam Seneviratne

    Hi Michael, Your body, spirit and soul are indelibly linked with and part of the Galle Fort. It seems that you have to live out the rest of your life in it or in Sri Lanka. Best Wishes Lam Seneviratne

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