Exposed: Glaring Double Standards in USA

A COMMENT from DOWN UNDER, 31 May 2020:

TRUMP claims the violence is from the extreme left,  but TV footage shows white right extremists looting and setting fires to buildings. The groups of vandals he refers to seem to be his own supporters.
Note in this clip,  there is no audience. You can hear only empty silence. It’s
reminiscent of Marco’s last days in Malacanang Palace before fleeing to Hawaii.
TRUMP says, “We must defend the right of everyone to live without violence, prejudice or fear,” and his “i will not allow angry mobs to dominate” or to give into anarchy is exactly what he, the US, Australian and British governments have expected Hong Kong to live under – i.e. “violence, anarchy and mob rule” which these governments support in Hong Kong but not in America. Now the US government is invoking security laws
The hypocrisy is disgusting. In the US narrative, the violence and looting in Hong Kong is by “protestors” but in America it is by looters, “thugs” and “mobs”.    Why this difference of language between the same thing in Hong Kong and the US?


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  1. Ivan Amarasinghe

    Jihadi John born again! in the USA!!

  2. Chandra Wickramasinghe

    Thanks. To be expected!

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