Violence and Terror from Within the Protest Movement in Hong Kong

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There is a unbalanced and misguided perception in the Western media and among Western politicians that new security laws now being introduced in HK to ban subversion, sedition, succession and terrorism are unjustified and an attempt to over-ride the One Country, Two System agreement.

This website however provides information and links to over 200 violent incidents from 2019 to 2020 (80 in 2020 so far) in which pro-democracy protestors have been involved in acts of violence, vandalism, arson, terrorism, and rumour spreading. These acts include setting fire to buildings, sending explosive devices to senior police officers in envelopes, the use of petrol bombs to attack police stations; or in one instance, a police officer attempting to stop a motorcycle for illegally driving rammed him and rode off; a woman assaulted by protestors for attempting to remove their roadblocks; destroying shops, and hundreds of other violent acts in the name of democracy – all supported by the US, Britain and Australia.

Each listing provides multiple sources for verification.

Protestors have today called out to the US government for Hong Kong to be given Independence which violates the One Country, Two Systems agreement signed between China and Britain in 1997.

Below we list a few cases…  

 Rioters have smashed multiple traffic lights, commercial stores and set fire on civilian roads.

 Police Headquarters have received a letter to the Police Commissioner containing explosive devices that could blind the recipient. Wan Chai 21 April 2020

The police said that the power of the bomb can injure the recipient’s eyes, face and hands in a range of more than half a meter, which is commonly used in terrorist attacks. This is the second intimidation letter received by the police chief within half a month.

Police have to use tear gas to disperse. Causeway Bay 24 May 2020.

 Rioters have been setting fire on civilian roads and throwing petrol bombs into a police facility. Prince Edward, 31 March 2020

 A group of Rioters bully and kick a middle aged women in the head for taking pictures of them at Tin Shui Wai 6 May 2020.  see video

After arresting 17 people and seized 2.6 tonnes of explosives in raids, Police are removing the chemicals from a building.  These are related to three earlier bomb plots at public facilities, and warned of the growth of local terrorism. Tai Kok Tsui 9 March 2020

A female police supporters is assaulted by protesters who have gathered, she was injured in her head and bleed heavily. Times Square 21 February 2020…

 ALSO SEE this brutal attack by protestors on one person… ……


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  1. Can you post an interview with Joshua Wong to counterbalance this PR please ?

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    Thanks Mike. Hong Kong is an integral part of mainland China.

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