Covid Apocalypse: Advocates and Challengers

Fauci with Trump

As the Covid Pandemic has spread its tentacles across the world, it has spawned conspiracy theorists of all kinds – not just that powerful idiot in Washington. One line of gloom and doom targets that very regime and depicts an all-powerful set of wheeler-dealers who negate the apocalyptic picture of worldwide disaster that they perceive around the corner. That is, their ‘brilliant work’ is immediately squashed and banished by these masterminds and manipulators in Washington and its many arms.

I received one such picture of Apocalypse Now from a social worker in Sri Lanka with international links.[1]

A: Judy Mikovits[2] raises Scenario of Doom

Starting with the first item – a video, Plandemic.-

Please view this video quickly as it will be taken down shortly, as has many of its predecessors. After viewing it, if you are interested in more, I will send you further videos and articles. This particular video is by an eminent medico on CV19 and focuses on viruses and vaccines, giving a very different perspective to the current media portrayal

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Preview YouTube video Plandemic Part 1 MUST WATCH Please Download & Share Dr. Fauci EXPOSED

…. while stressing that the You Tube would be quickly scrubbed out [implying intervention by the powers-that-be].[3]

B: Innocent Mike sends this ‘Message’ Above to Pals ……..  with a request for Comments

C: Fair Dinkum’s Serial Responses, 7 May 2020

C1: Very interesting to see this. Thanks.

I agree that narratives are being shut down that don’t conform to official political narratives of the US government.  At the same time, an immense propaganda campaign mounted by the US government is taking over every strain of thought the world over.  The media are playing along with it.

Nothing Trump, Pence or Pompeo says makes any sense, and they do everything possible to close-down all other narratives and dissenting voices from science to the  humanities and other leaders who have different views. They want everyone to agree with them, otherwise in their eyes, you become their enemy and die. That is the US system today.

To digress, but not entirely unrelated, the US started globalisation for their own benefit, but when it became no longer beneficial to them, the US set out to destroy it.  As China takes over globalisation, the US have waged a propaganda war to destroy it for them too.

The United States is no longer a credible government.  No other nation provides a good alternative, so the world needs a new structure that serves humanity for the 21st century.

C2: I see the video has been removed for violating You Tube’s community guidelines.  But read the guidelines and you will see there is nothing there to which this video applies. If what the Dr said was wrong, it can be challenged but to silence it is very strange. Who decides these things?

C3: If Tony Fauci circumvented the law to give the Wuhan virological institute 3.7 million dollars, that should be investigated. I am sure most people will be surprised to learn this.[4]

D: A Senior Sri Lankan Journalist, 7 May 2020

Dear Mike,  Another local scholar friend also sent this same video to me with the same warning that You Tube will offload it as it has (apparently) already done several times. ….

I viewed most of the video.

I sense that some elements of the narrative MAY indicate genuine small-scale conspiracies, personal career oriented institutional manipulations (and cover-ups), including political careerism, professional turf rivalry and, perhaps some military-industrial mini projects. But I certainly do NOT find the overall allegation or implication of an over-arching gigantic conspiracy as convincing at all. The different strands of narrative are simply too contradictory to each other or do not and, cannot, converge in compatible ways.

But, Jesus! What a lot of time and effort has been taken to produce this video!  As a practising communicator as well as an analyst of ideological warfare, I suspect this could be Russian disinformation. Because, even if we do not fall for the overall conspiracy implication, some of us may believe the sub-strands of conspiratorial narrative that emerge from the video.  That helps us believe these are yet more “rotten features of the American system”. Of course, Mike, you know me well enough to know that I am no defender of Uncle Sam.

E: Forging Links[5] to Michael R, 7 May 2020

I have come across similar videos before and am hesitant to give an opinion based on what appears to be an individual viewpoint. However, there are several renowned experts who do not agree with the ‘status quo’ that is parroted and or sensationalized by the mainstream media (MSM).

I would refer you to this article (updated since the original 12) of experts who very early on in the outbreak took a contrary view based on their scientific expertise and statistics:

This includes many highly cited experts as John Ioannidis at Stanford, and Sucharit Bhakdi out of Germany among others who have been ignored by most governments. Those who wish to watch Professor Bhakdi’s video with English subtitles can do so on Youtube here: Corona-Krise: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi erklärt warum die Maßnahmen sinnlos und selbstzerstörerisch sind

John Ioannidis

Although at the outset these experts were demonised by the MSM, it seems that they are appearing to be more and more accurate in their statements made back in February and March.

In the meantime, for example, the expert at Imperial College Prof Neil Ferguson whose modelling claiming that there would be 500,000 deaths in the UK due to COVID resulted in the government locking down the country and destroying the economy has literally been caught with his pants down over the last couple of days having been found cavorting with his married lover who lives in another area – evidently he didn’t believe in his own hype and it has cast into deep doubt the credibility of the UK government in relying on one academic whose past record apparently is littered with costly mistakes:

It appears that (as some say of Karl Marx) Neil Ferguson never got a single thing right. My personal favourite from his long and dubious track record is as follows: “In 2005, Ferguson said that up to 200 million people could be killed from bird flu. He told the Guardian that ‘around 40 million people died in 1918 Spanish flu outbreak… There are six times more people on the planet now so you could scale it up to around 200 million people probably.’ In the end, only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.

How did he get this forecast so wrong?”

Former Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption has given his view on how the Lockdown constitutes a Police State: I wonder whether more in Sri Lanka should also pay attention to this very important statement?

Finally, our friends in Sweden and Hong Kong have got it right, as has Japan to an extent. No lockdown, no self-destruction of the economy or collective suicide of the people, just respect by the government that people will automatically police themselves (I cannot say this would work in Sri Lanka given a general lack of discipline or in the UK for that matter). As such they have kept their Deaths per Million at lower levels than their neighbours.

600,000 people die in the UK every year, 1,600 a day on average (outside of pandemic season). Analysis of the last 20 years of UK ONS statistics reveal that the death toll in March was the highest in 20 years. That means, 20 years ago the flu season outdid this year without having to place the populace under house arrest. Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands killed every year by Malaria, Dengue, HIV, and NCDs all of which pass behind the scenes in silence. I do not know the corresponding statistics for Sri Lanka as the records appear wildly erratic and it is difficult to verify their veracity, much like it is hard to believe there are only 805 COVID cases in the country.


Finally, I enjoyed this debate presented by the Cambridge Union (the first debate in their long and storied history to be held online). In particular, the views of Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher Hitchens) at 37.00 into the video, and Dr. Tegnal the chief epidemiologist of Sweden at 53.00 in the video who explains how that country managed to stand out in Europe without imposing on the citizenry the curtailing of civil liberties of its neighbours. As per Ferguson’s calculation by now Sweden should be having over 100,000 deaths without a lockdown. Instead, they are approaching 3,000 with the death rate fast declining. Of course, there are a few robots reading off sheets of paper presenting the more popular view, yet even 10 days after the debate it is amusing to see how their apocalyptic predictions are far from reality. 

TH Backs Global Governments’ Lockdowns l Cambridge Union Online

TH Backs Global Governments’ Lockdowns l Cambridge Union Online

WANT TO KNOW MORE: SUBSCRIBE for more speakers:…

E: Fair Dinkum, 8 May 2020

Also, Trump and Pompeo have repeatedly said they have “enormous” evidence that the virus started in the Wuhan virological institute, but said they were not allowed to reveal the evidence. This is being used to drive the call for the US to go into China.

If the US government and Fauci had close connections with the Wuhan institute from 2017, that may explain what Trumo and Pompeo mean by evidence and it also may explain why they don’t want to reveal it i.e. because it would implicate themselves.

Rudy Guilani has said Fauci put 3.7 million into Wuhan. He wouldn’t say this if he didn’t have good reasons. I wonder why this did not come up before?

Now Trump wants Fauci silenced and not to stand and testify and answer questions to the new investigation going on in Washington DC. … a lack of transparency there….

So I think it relevant to the investigation into the causes of the virus to know what kind of work the US were doing in the Wuhan Institue and how the money was being used.

There seems to be a lot of pressure to downplay that connection

So even though that video contained some sceptical things, parts of the video helped me to clarify the issues above. 

F: Richard Simon’s[6] Caustic Appraisal, 8 May 2020

Hi, Michael, …..  Judy Mikovits is a discredited and disgraced ex-scientist. Her published papers were retracted by the publishers after nobody was able to reproduce her experimental results.

Later, it was found that she had used the same data in different papers (purporting to be the results of two separate experiments) to make her case.

She spent time in gaol after having stolen equipment and data from her employers.

She is also a favourite of the antivaxx crowd.

Totally without credibility.

More information, if interested (the first of the pages below may be slow to load or require several reloads because of the traffic it’s getting about Mikovits, thanks to this stupid video):
Was a Scientist Jailed After Discovering a Deadly Virus Delivered Through Vaccines?

Was a Scientist Jailed After Discovering a Deadly Virus Delivered Throug…

Judy Mikovits did not discover a deadly virus delivered through vaccines; she was arrested for allegedly stealin…

And finally, just in case you were wondering whether her vaccine claims have any truth in them,


[1] For obvious reasons, I will not disclose his name. The work he is engaged in is invaluable.

[2] See and

[3] My pea-brain raised the thought that Mikovitz and Co could have deleted the You Tube themselves …. as proof of their pudding so to speak.

[4] See … AND ….

[5] This gentleman is a Sri Lankan with wide-ranging international links and is presently abroad (GOD alone knows where …. and thankfully Covid Virus does not know).

[6] Richard is a Thomian who, unusually for a Sri Lankan, identifies his ethnic background as “Eurasian”. He is the author of the magnificent and wide-ranging socio-political analysis Ceylon Tea – see


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