Anti-Chinese Racism flares up in Australia

ONE: A Note from Fair Dinkum in Melbourne, 17 April 2020

There have been over 178 attacks on Chinese people and anyone of Asian appearance in the last weeks in Australia which began after the Australian government launched a vicious attack on China, for political reasons. Note that the New South Wales govt has been anti- China for quite a while.

If you follow the Australian media, they simply replicate the government’s discourse on China. The government and the media work together.  So, it is right to blame the government.

TWO: Early Signs marked in News Article by Evan Young. 31 January 2020

‘This is racism’: Chinese-Australians say they’ve faced increased hostility since the coronavirus began  coronavirus outbreak began

Fear and caution surrounding the spread of the deadly coronavirus has led to a spike in incidents of racial discrimination, Chinese-Australians say.

Chinese-Australians say they have faced an increase in hostility, online and in-person, since the coronavirus outbreak began. Many people have taken to social media to complain of higher rates of anti-Chinese sentiment as fears grow about the deadly virus that originated in the city of Wuhan in China.

Rhea Liang@LiangRhea

Today a patient made jokes about not shaking my hand because of #coronavirus. In front of my team.

I have not left Australia. This is not sensible public health precautions. This is #racism. …

Dr. Nadia Alam@DocSchmadia

Today my son was cornered at school by kids who wanted to “test” him for #Coronavirus just because he is half-Chinese. They chased him. Scared him. And made him cry.

I was the same age when I was bullied for being Pakistani.
It’s 2020. I thought things had changed by now…

Yen-Rong Wong | 黃彥蓉@inexorablist

Re: racism and #coronavirus – This is the first time I’ve ever felt physically unsafe in Australia because of my race. I thought we were over this shit but obviously not.

11:56 AM – Jan 28, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases confirmed around the world has jumped to over 8,100, with at least 170 people killed. Nine cases have been confirmed in Australia so far.

Pan, a 27-year-old Australian citizen with Chinese-Malaysian heritage, said she was left feeling unsafe following an incident she experienced on a Melbourne tram. “I was sitting on the tram when a white man came and sat next to me.  He started talking about how Chinese people are spreading the coronavirus everywhere,” she told SBS News.

“I told him it wasn’t race-specific, and he kept insisting he was just saying what he had read and seen on the news. Public spaces are already fraught for me as an Asian woman, I don’t navigate these spaces feeling entirely comfortable or safe and this incident has exacerbated that feeling.”

Pan said she thinks negative media coverage is feeding into a larger attitude of sinophobia, which makes her feel unsafe.

SBS News/Supplied

Gold Coast surgeon Rhea Liang tweeted about a patient that had made jokes about not shaking her hand for fear of catching the virus. “I have not left Australia. This is not sensible health precautions, this is #racism,” Dr Liang tweeted.

Pan said she was most upset by the “lack of critical thinking” shown by certain media outlets in the way they portray coronavirus news. An online petition has been signed by 50,000 people, demanding the Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph newspapers apologise for aspects of their coronavirus coverage.

“I’m mostly angry and worried about how it all feeds into a larger attitude of Sinophobia, and how little empathy is being shown towards those directly affected,” Pan said. “It made me really frustrated and angry at how misinformation and racist perspectives in the media and online translates into real experiences for affected minorities.

“And it’s devastating that some opportunists are jumping on this to spread racist and xenophobic rhetoric.”

‘Scared, lost and alone’

Grace, a 22-year-old Chinese-Australian who did not give her last name for “fear of more racist backlash”, began collecting screenshots of racially-discriminatory online comments after noticing they had become more prevalent.

“They are now [surrounding] every news article about the virus, and sometimes these comments get a tonne of likes and people agreeing,” she told SBS News. “They make me feel scared, lost and alone.”

Grace said anti-Asian discrimination has “certainly gotten worse” as the coronavirus saga has developed Grace said while being the target of racial discrimination was not a new experience for her, it has worsened as the coronavirus crisis has developed.

I have been racially abused on public transport several times in the past year [and] had people tell me to ‘f***k off from this country’,” she said. “I am already wary of public transport, but now with these comments being so popular, I am afraid to go on public transport.”

Grace has been collecting screenshots of anti-Asian online comments Grace said there has been a difference in the way some Australians have reacted to victims of the coronavirus outbreak in comparison to the bush fire crisis.

“During the fires, we saw post after post on social media, outpourings of emotion, love and grief for the suffering of both humans and animals, as we should have,” she said. “But here, post after post, comment after comment, I have been made aware that the suffering of people like me does not matter and should perhaps even be celebrated – that to these people, I am not worth as much as an animal.”

“I even see people celebrating the suffering of people like me.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the National Incident Room of the Department of Health in Canberra ……AAP

‘We cannot allow it’ …………….. The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) said it was aware of “an increase in racism and anti-Chinese language” in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and called for people to call it out if they see it. “This type of language and behaviour makes people feel unsafe and as a society we cannot allow it to become normalised,” FECCA chairperson Mary Patetsos said.

“We cannot sit back and let people who hold racist views use the conoravirus as an excuse to vilify members of the Australian Chinese community. Our leaders, and indeed all Australians must call out sinophobia whenever and wherever they see it.”

Authorities warn of fake coronavirus news on social media as outbreak spreads

The Australian Human Rights Commission said it could not comment “in order to avoid pre-empting the outcome of any possible complaints” it may receive.

Incidents of heightened anti-China sentiment have also been reported outside of Australia. Many French Asians have also complained of abuse, using the hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus (I’m not a virus) following a newspaper’s running of “Yellow alert” and “Yellow peril?” headlines.

In Japan, a shop in the town of Hakone prompted an apology from tourism authorities after it posted a sign reading: “No Chinese are allowed to enter the store. I do not want to spread the virus.”

Over 100,000 Singaporeans have also signed a petition calling for the government to ban Chinese nationals from entering the country.

…………………………   SOURCE SBS NEWS

THREE: Eliza McPhee for Daily Mail, 2 April 2020 = “Man armed with a WHIP goes on a racist rant outside Chinese Consulate in Sydney and accuses visitors wearing masks of spreading coronavirus”

  • Man has been seen cracking a whip while launching into a racist tirade in Sydney
  • He was captured yelling racist abuse outside the Chinese Consulate on Monday
  • He claimed China knew about coronavirus and was deliberately spreading it 
  • Incident is the latest in a series of racist attacks since coronavirus crisis began 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Shocking footage has emerged of a man armed with a whip launching into a racist tirade at people lining up outside a Chinese consulate. The man, wearing an Akubra, cracks the bullwhip while abusing members of the public wearing facemasks who are waiting to enter the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney’s inner-west on Monday.

The racist rant goes for several minutes, with the man even threatening to shoot the Chinese general-secretary and accusing China of spreading COVID-19.

The frightening incident is the latest in a string of coronavirus-related racial attacks, and comes just days after a Australian woman of Vietnamese background was called an ‘Asian dog’ and spat on in nearby Marrickville.

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A man was seen cracking a whip after exploding into a racist tirade outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. He yelled racial abuse at the people in the queue, saying they had deliberately spread the killer coronavirus around the world

The Chinese Embassy was seen closed with nobody in sight days after the act of racial abuse

‘Death to communism! Wake up Australia! Wake up! No more s**t from China,’ the man said. ‘I’ll put a bullet in the General Secretary’s head. I’m going to kill that leader of China. ‘Filthy f**ing commies. Trying to take over the world. No more.’

The man then turned to the queue of people at the building’s entrance and accused them of spreading coronavirus throughout the world.

‘We know it’s deliberate. Five million people left your country and spread that filthy f***king disease worldwide,’ he said. ‘You’re all wearing your masks and you know why you’re wearing your masks? You knew about it! ‘I’m onto you. I know you deliberately released this virus.

‘Wake up Australia! Be wise to these pr**ks.’ 

NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia they received no reports about the incident and did not attend. The Chinese Consulate has been contacted for comment.

The disturbing act follows a series of vile, racially-motivated attacks on people of Asian appearance since the coronavirus crisis began.

Teen allegedly screams abuse at two women before ‘SPITTING’ at them

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5 responses to “Anti-Chinese Racism flares up in Australia

  1. Janaka Perera

    I wonder why the so-called international community (USA and her allies) do not pontificate on this anti-Chinese racism in Australia unlike the way it did on real and imagined anti-Tamil or anti-Muslim racism in Sri Lanka These bleeding hearts never hesitate to condemn developing countries like ours on such issues.

  2. Janaka P

    Clearly the west tired to save their economy before people, Backfired. Then the USA & west tried a torrid of BS, we didn’t know, the virus is fake, its china, they lied to us, it W.H.O they lied to us. I mean particularly the USA who manage to hunt with pinpoint accuracy 2 of the worlds most notorious terrorists. (Playing dead and Dumb). But one of those racist comments by a European immigrant descendant ‘they plan to wipe us and take control of our Beautiful Australia’ Aboriginal Australians head in their hands laughing.

    • Fair Dikum

      The response of the Australian police to the rampant racists attacks across Australia against Chinese and Asians has yet to yield a single arrest.

      The police are good at issuing millions of dollars in fines every day relating to COVID-19 infringements but are very slow to investigate and prosecute those involved in these racist attacks, maybe because it doesn’t generate revenue for the government.

      As to those responsible for inciting this evil racism across Australia, three members of the government must be accountable due to their recent political attacks on China which were spread across The Herald Sun, particularly their statements that implied China caused COVID 19. Will the police Investigate these politicians, notably Andrew, Peter and Scott. Their statements have incited much of this racism and violence. Where is the rule of law?

  3. Fair Dikum

    I am surprised the NSW police knew nothing about the attack on the Chinese consulate in Sydney. I thought diplomatic missions were supposed to be protected. So, where were the police? Catching up on their beauty sleep, or was it because they share these racist views about China?

    • Fair Dinkum

      This is not just a threat by a right-wing Australian to assassinate a Chinese diplomat; it is also a direct threat to put a bullet in the head of President Xi. Scott Morrison’s silence over these evil political assassination threats indicates his tacit support for assassinating a world leader. China must now rethink its relationship with Australia, regard our state as a hostile enemy of China, stop buying Australian made products and cut all ties with Australia.

      Let’s not forget it was a lunatic terrorist assassinating the heir to the Austrian throne on 28 June 1914 that triggered World War 1.

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