Wuhan: Its Life-World in Video Scale

Absorb. Reflect.

Address One’s Prejudices.


Discard Sinophobia and ‘Trumpism’.

But .… also Meditate on Urbanism and Its Modalities of ‘Skyscraper Isolation’ [my little thought re high-rise individuation and self-centredness]

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One response to “Wuhan: Its Life-World in Video Scale

  1. Richard

    The video: Giving the impression that it is Wuhan.
    Amazing views!!!! , but not sure if any of the contents is Wuhan.
    -The buildings in the shape of trees is Sanya.
    -The building in the shape of a donut is in Taihu Lake, Huzhou City.
    -The waterfall cascade building is in Guiyang.
    -The red suspension bridge is over Yachi river in the Guizhou province.

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