Tracee’s Corona-Curtailed Wildlife Encounters in Lanka

Tracee Fullum from USA

A NOTE from Tracee, 19 March 2020: Hi Michael!  I very much appreciate that!** After talking to you, we had planned on visiting Galle after all…… And then all the National Parks closed down which ended my trip and sent me home after just 3 days. Here are a few shots I got during my brief stay. Not my best by any means, but feel free to share on your site.

Best wishes …..
** items on Galle
A  NOTE: I will ask Tracee, now back in USA, to indicate where she ‘made’ these hits
Dushy Perera’s “Jealous” Intervention, 22 March 2020
DSC_0128 (2) … a hit after speeding into Yala at dawn !
DSC_0059 (2)

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  1. Alex Van Arkadie

    Dear Michael

    Keep safe and in continued good health, please. God bless you and your admirable good works. As favoured by you on earlier occasions, kindly add and circulate widest my attached Press summary note in your Blog – for information and preventive care among our brethren, wheresoever. (Copy me same to facililate convenient access please).

    FLASH: The Government of Italy announced on Friday 20 March, additional movement restrictions under a special decree as of Saturday 21st March to 25 March.

    The principle provisions are the following:

    Access to public parks, playgrounds, villas and public gardens is forbidden; Sports not allowed in open spaces, exercise should be in close proximity to homes; Jogging is permitted if close to home and keeping a distance of +1 metre from others; All sales outlets of food and drinks within train stations, gas stations are closed, except for those along highways, or within hospitals and airports; On weekends travel is also forbidden to private holiday-homes within Italy.

    P:S:: Please take adequate care of yourselves, share this warning message with families, friends and all of the neighbouring community. Individual responsible conduct is absolutely necessary, not agitation or undue preoccupation and frivolous gossip. God bless us all and our Planet Earth. /alex

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