Full Frontal: President Macron challenges French Islamists

Christine Douglass-Williams, in Jihadwatch, 3  March 2020, with this title “Macron condemns “Islamist separatism,” “political Islam” and Sharia inferiority of women”

In a landmark speech in the eastern city of Mulhouse, France, President Macron said: “We must never accept that the laws of religion can be superior to those of the Republic…..Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality….We are talking about people who, in the name of a religion, are pursuing a political project, that of a political Islam that wants to secede from our Republic…..In the Republic..we cannot accept that we refuse to shake hands with a woman because she is a woman. In the Republic, we cannot accept that someone refuses to be treated or educated by someone because she is a woman. In the Republic, one cannot accept school dropouts for religious or belief reasons. In the Republic, one cannot require certificates of virginity to marry.”

Those words are characteristic of so-called “populists” in Europe, but they are striking coming from Emmanuel Macron, a globalist leader who is now presenting himself as having experienced a change of heart. Of course, his U-turn is likely a matter of sheer expedience, as European populations are waking up to the tricks of the pervasive stealth jihad, and Macron faces a stiff electoral challenge from populist Marine Le Pen.

Macron also said: “In the long run, the threat posed by legalistic Islamism to the liberal democratic system is greater than that of jihadism … They aspire to an Islamist order, but are prepared to allow certain democratic elements within that framework. For this reason, their extremism is often barely recognizable at first glance.”

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EMAIL COMMENT from Jean-Pierre PAGE in Lanka, dated 6 March 2020:

No! This is a totally misleading interpretation.

Macron is trying to hide the fact that he is challenging secularism and one of the principles of our Republic which is the clear separation of the state and religion.No politics in religion, no religion in politics.” That is France’s historical trajectory. But Macron is using Islam as a scapegoat to divide our people. Islam is the second religion in France which houses almost 6 millions of that faith. Islamic extremists are marginal …. whereas except for Lepen embodies another form right-wing extremism and is a larger threat to the republican traditions of yesteryear.

Moreover, France today under Macron is directly involved in Syria, helping  the fondamentalistes of Daesh and Al Nosra.

Macron does say a word about the evangelists from the US and Brazil who are opening a new church every week in France.

This irresponsible speech from Macron seeks to generate a diversion. France  today is on strike for more than 2 months against his so called reform of our system of pension, a reform pursued for the interest of US pension funds such as Blackrock. In 10 days, France will be will having our municipality elections. Everybody is expecting a political disaster for Macron and his party. That is why Macron is trying to use the same type of arguments than Lepen, autoritarisme and repression are developing  against our parliament and the workers who are struggling for their rights. The popularity of   Macron has collapsed within French public opinion: he has the support of only 22% of the population, he knows already that politically he is dead.

These background facts are the main reasons behind his extremist speech.

Greetings, JPPage

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