Scott Morrison the Water-Boy at Manuka Oval


in tie and plimsolls with spikes

A COMMENT from WALTER STEENSBY of Canberra, 26 October 2019

Oh dear, Scott Morrison’s behaviour … I find the man to be an embarrassment and a disappointment. I’m not the only one!
I don’t know how much you know about the Christian religion, his adherence to which Morrison waves around like a banner. But when I look at what he and his political party are doing with their religious profession, I find it profoundly disturbing.
Newstart and Centrelink Robodebts: the Christianity of the Victorian workhouse.
The Witness K and Collaery show trial: the Christianity of the Spanish Inquisition.
The treatment of refugees who don’t arrive here by air: the Christianity of the English slave-owning classes (against whom the true Christian, William Wilberforce, eventually prevailed).

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  1. EMAIL COMMENT from Bill DEUTROM in Brisbane, dated 25 October 2019: “First bit of real work he has done in a while!!!

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