A Rousing Farewell for Lal Wickramatunga in Sydney

Pictorial display courtesy of Ozlanka.com …. http://www.ozlanka.com/2019-albums/sep2019-pics/lal-1/index.html

Lal Wickramatunga was a Benedictine cricketer who could mix it with or best in his halcyon days and thereafter served as a police officer. He was a servant of the Board of Control for Sri Lanka Cricket in the 1990s. He helped run The Sunday Leader after his elder brother Lasantha was assassinated in January 2009. He moved to Australia in diplomatic and consular capacities in recent times. His popularity among the Sri Lankans in Sydney is indelibly etched in the pictorial illustrations presented in OZLANKA. May he bat on …… and on …. wherever he plants his feet.

Fare thee well Lal.

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One response to “A Rousing Farewell for Lal Wickramatunga in Sydney

  1. AN EMAIL COMMENT from SKANDAKUMAR [retired High Commisssioner in Canberra}, dated 3 October 2019: “A Sterling tenure ! My blessing too ! “

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