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Nigel Kerner to Nigel Farage and the BREXIT & UKIP PARTY A Letter entitled “To a Land of Dope & Gory. The Farage Balloon”

What hypocrites so many white Brits are. So many of us  positively stink of racism and that brand of cowardice that hides behind contrived mental devices that are designed to try to fool the world that we are decent fair objective people. Just look at the faces on any football terrace any weekend if you want to see what many Brits are really like. Animals snarling in an open terraced Zoo. Shouting racist slurs and chants at black athletes and football players whose skill often surpasses those of white players. So much for the once vaunted ‘British gentleman’ that once justifiably announced our better senses.

The  Olympics held here took the smelly air around our collective racially prejudiced  heads and wove a false fresh breath tapestry of pride and happy tolerance as ‘Team GB’ and tried to make it seem that we are some sort of super people modelling the world on the principles of tolerance and welcome and good cheer.

For heaven’s sake we stole half a world from innocent indigenous peoples at the point of a gun and left them a legacy hiding genocide and slavery as some sort of whimsy of a bygone age. 47 trillion dollars stolen from India during our colonial sojourn there reducing it to abject poverty from a country that had one of the highest  gross domestic fiscal  returns at the time we took it over according to a recent  Oxford University research  report. No conscience or general public awareness on the part of us all. Not the merest apology  has been forthcoming for all the pain and anguish suffered in millions of hearts as a result of those that had been starved and been deliberately killed as a result.

We can steal whole continents and get away without a simple apology as we stole Australia from the aborigines too. Our wretched devilry as a colonial power for centuries flows in our blood, through the killing and enslaving of these millions in the name of being true blue Brits. So many of us stare rats and swallow Beau Brummel. Our spawn now go around the world covertly setting up innocents as sepia toned patsy’s for our wickedness. We fear a justice and a revenge so terrible, that we know we cannot leave any brown skinned finger on a nuclear trigger. The real point of it all is to set the seal of white Anglo American white Euro Caucasian covert and predominant rule over the planet. That I believe is the real reason for the deaths of the sons and daughters of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq under the secret prompting of the Zionist Israelis. The real final target is Pakistan and India and their nuclear horde. We will somehow set up a tray of covert spy-craft in these countries as we operate the subterfuge of neighbourly platitudes in neighbouring ones. Spy craft to undermine their governments so that our ways prevail there too. It is the same kind of subterfuge we operated on our own kind with the lies we have told the world about 9/11 and 7/7. The subterfuge that will make many cowardly eyes avert what you are reading now.

Our brains are full of the pus of centuries of violent wickedness and devilry. It all glows in our present cerebral neuronal tissue, spinal fluid, and DNA,  genetically passed down and activated through the centuries  when we see a complexion that is not the pinkest pink. Many of us are truly that primitive. Cream puff dilettantes in ultimate pretentiousness, sipping tea and biting into scones and cream in country housed splendour or swilling  ale and lager in pubs in a bygone reverie of our lost sense as a world power. No wonder many can only sleep with a belly full of alcohol. We can see who the monkeys really are, as in their thousands white faces  bay, hiss, swear, scream, and shout abuse from the football and rugby terrace each Saturday. This is the model of Britain many are so proud of no doubt. No greater indictment of us can there be, for any foreigner looking on than to watch Britain at play letting its hair down (and the side down) when they are watching soccer at the weekend.

Don’t you know you Brexshitters and UKippers , that far from the respect and honour you say you crave for this country, you are earning it disdain and dismissal as a place where covert racism is officially reported as institutional. Paedophiles, rapists and child cruelty leading to murder infest our country like a plague.

Many believe that the Brexit Party and UKIP Party sell undertow racism covertly led by rich racists and bigots who fund them to separate from Europe. Many in Britain believe that a good part of the Tory Party are deeply institutionally racists. Dressing up their fulcrums of evil with a few dollops of token blacks and browns yellows and greens. If there is anything to be said for Britain it can be said to be less racist than that debauched cousin we pathetically tout after across the pond called Uncle Sam, as it Trumpets racial slurs through the mouth of an Orange ‘toupeid’ cretin they deem as their President. It should be called uncle Sham.

Hope against hope that what is reported in this phenomenon they call NDE’s is a figment of human psychologies. Because if it has any reality that stands, as quantum theory surmises, those large eyes of many in spirit garb are going to open much wider when they endlessly experience what happens to racists and bigots and those who seek to divide the human family, one nano second after they pass on from this world to the next. A sheet of fire they have tagged their magnetised souls with, will attach them to the earth’s magnetic field while they circle the earth’s magma core endlessly as the place they call Hell.

Nigel Kerner

A NOTE: Nigel Kerner is a Sri Lankan who migrated to Britain and built up a comfortable fortune. His wife is British  and their “Niden Manor” has n hosted many a Sri Lankan, notably the Sri Lankan cricketers on several occasions and the Holy Family school choir on their way to a competition in Wales. He is a quiet benefactor and his collective of earnest workers have been engaged in social service work in the hill-country of Sri Lanka for three decades.

Nigel received much of his education at St. Aloysius in Galle and, arising from this circumstance  I count myself lucky to have him as a friend.

 Nigel Kerner

Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He was born in Sri Lanka, his mother from a British planting family and his father an officer in the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. This international family base provided the background for an obsessive and serious interest in international human affairs and how these interface with science, religion and philosophy.

He has felt driven, from his young years, to expose the humbug and hypocrisy in modern scientific and religious and social thinking. His formal graduate education is in biomedical science and human behavioural psychology.

His fascination with the puzzling and enigmatic phenomenon of UFOs resulted in his first book The Song of the Greys’ published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997. This serious work on the subject is now noted world-wide for its radical view on the phenomenon. His latest book, ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls‘ published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company is the second in a trilogy about the UFO phenomenon and its social repercussions on humanity. His books and numerous articles have established his unique thesis as part of the canon of serious literature on the subject.

Nigel Kerner lives with his wife and family on his estate in middle England. He has a passionate interest in projects on behalf of the deprived and disadvantaged of developing nations. He is at present working with his family and a team of European friends and volunteers on a medical and agro-development project done on behalf of the rural poor in a country in the Far East. This takes up much of his spare time.

His hobbies include reading science literature and journals, wild-life videography, wildlife conservation activities, singing and song writing. His sporting passions are Cricket and Rugby Union.




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