Vincent Dubois at the Organ at Notre Dame Cathedral, December 2017

Leon Keegal

Having this beautiful historic building  so much in mind now after the devastating fire, I thought you may appreciate this superb improvisation by Vincent Dubois at the conclusion of a service at the Cathedral. The French organists are renowned for their improvisations, and this one is amazing – what incredible footwork, and observe how he uses his right leg several times to engage the foot pistons to alter registration and also the expression pedals to alter the volume during his playing. At the start of this video there is some brief vision of interior of the cathedral and that  part of the building (at the crossing where the altar is situated) which would have sustained the most damage; the spire would have been directly above this space.  Incidentally, Dubois’ performance brought my gifted late maternal Uncle Irving Herft to mind. He was a great organist at St Paul’s Church, Kynsey Road, Colombo in Sri Lanka for many years, and he was also exceptionally good at improvisation.

Vincent Dubois aux Grandes Orgues Notre-Dame-de-Paris 2017-9: Sortie improvisée

Published on Dec 4, 2017

Vincent Dubois aux Grandes Orgues Notre-Dame-de-Paris Messe du dimanche soir 13.08.2017 – Sortie mprovisée

Picturesque cityscape of Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris at sunset, France

A COMMENT, dated 18 April 2019 ………………….Remarkable technique (and I’m no organist…). Just love his relaxed approach to pedaling… Michael Morley [pianist, drama teacher, raconteur, cricketer and tennis-mate]

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