Cricketing Assassins of the CRICKET AGE

Michael Roberts

I receive news items from the web-site CRICKET AGE on a pop-up basis and am therefore a witness to their propensity towards muckraking. This has been a consistent dimension of their reportage and commentary – to the point where one can suspect that it is a policy that goes beyond commonplace news sensationalism.

I am beginning to suspect a politically-inspired campaign to undermine the cricketing capacities of Sri Lanka that may be rooted in Tamilnadu. This readng arises from the fact that the worst and most tendentious muckraker is a bloke named N. Krishnamurthy, though Rohit Pawar also enters this ring – especially in the most recent article of 25th March on “Selection Blunders…”

There is no information on the web-site’s location and editorial staff in its website – so I am asking newsmen in Lanka and cricketing friends everywhere to begin research on this topic in order to unearth the home-base and financial backing behind this outfit. Critics and news purveyors have a duty of openness to the public. One can begin with v -which reveals a prolific output and reveals how up-to-date PAWAR is … but bares not biographical data or any indication of the editorial groundings.

We in Australia know who Peter Lalor or Robert Craddock is and can link them to news chains. So, too, in Sri Lanka: Rex Clementine is with the Upali Group and writes for the Island; while Rohan Wijayaratne is freelance and nobody’s catspaw though he features in the Island. But these blokes remain faceless and ‘base-less’ .

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