Sharmini’s Appeal: Stand Up for Democracy on December 6th

Sharmini Serasinghe

My dear fellow Sri Lankans, please share this post as widely as possible for the sake of Democracy in our Sri Lanka


An appeal from me to all my fellow Sri Lankans who wish to see Democracy restored in our country…… On 6th December, 2018 at 3.30 pm, many of us apolitical journalists, writers, artistes including musicians, film stars and other’s in diverse professions are gathering at the Open Air Theatre at the Viharamahadevi Park  to “Stand Up for Democracy” in peace. I appeal to all my countrymen and women to join us in our mission.

It’s human nature to appreciate the value of something only when it’s lost. Today, many of us Sri Lankans who took the sacred institution of Democracy for granted realise its value only now, after it’s gone. Our country was once regarded as the epitome of a Democratic country which upheld all what Democracy stood for, but not anymore. We have today become the laughing stock of the world!

Sri Lanka is said to have the highest literacy rates in the South Asian region at 92% and overall, one of the highest literacy rates in Asia.

Literacy does not mean just the ability to read and write. It also means the ability to use our good sense and sound judgement to determine right from wrong. It also means not allowing others with personal agendas, to brainwash us into believing what they believe. Democracy is an institute each and every citizen of our country must respect and uphold no matter who or what we are. We Sri Lankans have the moral right to live with dignity in our own country. This is our democratic right. It is our birth right.

When self-serving politicians behave and regard our country as their personal property to do whatever they wish with it at will, with not a care for those of us who voted them into power, it becomes a problem of unimaginable proportions for all of us Sri Lankans. The worst of it is yet to come, if we the people of this country don’t unite and halt it. Let us not be cast aside as non-entities who matter only at the ballot.  

Our rights as citizens of Sri Lanka matter when it comes to defending our country.  By selfishly looking the other way at this moment in time, we Sri Lankans are also creating an ugly legacy for the future generations of Sri Lanka.

Is that what we want for our children and grandchildren? Will they not curse us for being selfish and complacent when our country needed us?

The time has come for each and every citizen of Sri Lanka to rise in peace and defend the sacred institution of Democracy in Sri Lanka. It’s our moral duty as its citizens. 

I’m appealing to you again, to ‘Stand up for Democracy’ in our country because like you, I too want my country to be a place where we are free to live in dignity, peace and in harmony with one another.  My fellow Sri Lankans, we need to rise in peace now, before it’s too late!

Sharmini Serasinghe


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8 responses to “Sharmini’s Appeal: Stand Up for Democracy on December 6th

  1. Thank you for this, Michael Roberts.

  2. Dear Michael, unsurprisingly, it is DBS Jeyaraj (a Tamil), Nisthar Cassim (a Muslim) and yourself, a Burger who have come forward to support me in my effort without my having to ask, while the Sinhalese (I am one) are doing what they do best, stabbing me in the back and doing their utmost to bring me down.
    With such a mentality of the majority community, is it any wonder our country is forever doomed!

  3. Derek Bartholomeusz

    Sri Lanka could well do with Ms Sharmini Serasinghe as a President as she displays the critical open- mindedness, eloquence, intellect and vibrant personality together with strong national pride, integrity and concern that the country so badly needs. She would and could – I am sure – get the mothers and fathers of Sri Lanka to support her in her drive for a better future for their children, and rally round her if she were to contemplate a political career. I also believe she would have much acceptance as the country’s President in the International arena.

  4. Democracy is probably not the issue in Sri Lanka in its latest crises. Each of our leaders,and by leaders I also include each Member of parliament. May be our leaders should listen to what our King Devanampiyatissa said ”
    O Great King, the Birds of the Air and the Beasts Have as Equal a Right to Live and Move About in Any Part of the Land as Thou. The Land Belongs to the People and All Living Beings; Thou Art Only the Guardian of It.”
    If each of our MP’s behave like that they would not have engaged in conduct which even a kindergarten child would know was shameful.The fighting in parliament. Sri Lankan wrote books on debating 1000 years ago and need to learn from our own as well as the Greeks. As we know our first king allocated 1/4 of the city of Anuradhapura for the Greeks!

  5. Native

    Sinhalese, who have better political litteracy than minorities, know better than Ms Serasinghe , that there is a court case going on and the kind of scathing remarks made by her only add salt to the injury.

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