An Ambitious Step: A Petition seeking a General Election in Sri Lanka

News Item in  Daily News, 22 November 2018, ….

Collection of one million signatures demanding a General Election immediately, organised by the business community commenced at the Fort Railway Station premises yesterday.The campaign calling for a general election mooted by the Business community was led by Chaminda Vidanagamage, the Secretary General of the Business Forum.

 An enthusiastic woman placing her signature in the petition – picture by Sarath Peiris

MY QUESTIONS from the position of an ignorant layman

ONE = Is not such a demand forec;osed by the Constitution as amended by the Yahapaalana peopl?

TWO = If the answer to Q 1 above is in the affirmative, then it would seem that the seemingly democratic course initiated by Mr Vidanagamage is undemocratic, right?

THREE = The public would probably like to know if there are hidden hands of powerful and ambitious peolel behind Mr Vidanagamage’s line of appeal. Hopefully not.

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